There’s No Perfect Team

In the NBA, many teams have been mentioned as the potential champions this year. I've heard the Celtics, Heat, Magic, Lakers, Thunder, Bulls and Spurs mentioned. People have been mentioning these teams like they are light years better than any other team in the NBA, but what they fail to realize is these so-called top teams all have holes.

For example, the Heat and the Thunder have the same issue. These teams both have excellent guard and forward play with the likes of SG Dwayne Wade, PG Russell Westbrook, SF Kevin Durant and SF LeBron James, but they both both teams are missing one ingredient. When the game gets tight and you need an easy basket, both teams have no one to throw the ball to inside to get them an easy basket. Some would say that LeBron James, PF Chris Bosh or even Kevin Durant could post up and get easy baskets. Well, the facts are that Bosh is more of a jump shooter than a power forward you can throw the ball into, LeBron looks highly uncomfortable when he's in the post and Durant is a slasher and shooter but not a consistent guy to play in the post.

The Celtics' issue is injuries. PF Jermaine O'Neal, C Shaquille O'Neal and PF Kevin Garnett have all been on the shelf with an assortment of injuries. Now the Celtics will get C Kendrick Perkins back this season, but without the O'Neals and Garnett, the Celtics will be stuck in neutral. The other issue with these injuries is age. These guys aren't young anymore and injuries take longer to get over as you get older.

The Bulls have a couple issues. PF Carlos Boozer and C Joahkim Noah haven't been on the court that much together. For the Bulls to be at their best, they need these two guys on the court together to get used to each other. I think that issue can be solved. The most glaring issue with this team is their lack of a shooting guard. Sure, PG Derrick Rose can score, but he also facilitates their offense and that is a lot put on his plate.

The Spurs have a couple issues as well. PF Tim Dunan has been a model of consistency, but the big man that plays beside him in the post has been a model of inconsistency. The Spurs don't have a true big guy that can take some heat off Duncan or pick up the scoring load when he is having an off night. PF DaJuan Blair and PF Antonio McDyess are subs at this point in their careers and PF Tiago Splitter just isn't ready yet. Another issue is the age of the Spurs. With the minutes that the starters for the Spurs will have to play, they may wear down as we enter the stretch run of the season.

The Magic are a super-talented team when C Dwight Howard is on the floor. The problem is when he gets in foul trouble. The Magic do not have a big man other than Dwight Howard. PF Ryan Anderson or PF Earl Clark aren't the answers there. For them to be a beast in the playoffs, they need to at least try to go get a veteran big man and get rid of one of the four PGs they have ( Jameer Nelson, Gilbert Arenas, Jason Williams, Chris Duhon ).

The Lakers are the only complete team that's listed in this group of teams. But the thing about them is they have let some complacency set in. For them to repeat as champions, they must regain the fire and they must also get PG Derek Fisher going again. He has struggled shooting this year.

I made all these points to say that they are no dominant teams in the NBA. Belief in your teams is cool, but to think that your team will dominate the NBA is not realistic. It will be fun seeing these teams develop even more over the season, but for right now, they are all works in progress.

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  1. Kareem Howard

    This is probably one of the most entertaining seasons of basketball in a long time. What makes it interesting is that just when you think that a team is dominant, the lose to a young and less talented team. I think the key to this season is confidence. Everyone was quick to weed a lot teams out for not having a “Big Three” on their squad, so every day, these small teams under the radar set out to prove themselves on the court.

    • I agree that this season has been entertaining, but there are a lot of bad basketball teams right now in the NBA. The Warriors, Timberwolves and the Grizzlies to name and few. In the end, the teams that I mentioned will be the teams that stand out. Now there are trade rumors out there and if one particular trade happens, Gotham will be pretty happy and there may be even more playoff basketball there than I expected. With that being said, the trades still have to happen though.

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