The Heat Prevail And Head To The NBA Finals

Going into this series, most people expected a slugfest. The Heat with their Big Three and the Bulls with MVP Derrick Rose and crew. Well, it didn't exactly pan out that way. The Heat turned it on after the blunder that was Game One and became the team most thought they would be this year.

I, for one, thought the Bulls would win this series because of their advantages in rebounding, defense and their bench. But, Miami showed that they were tough enough to rebound, more physical on defense and with SF Mike Miller and PF Udonis Haslem, the Heat evened out the advantage the Bulls thought they had on the bench.

For the Bulls, no one can say they saw this remarkable season coming. Behind the spectacular play of MVP Derrick Rose, the Bulls charged out to the best record in the NBA and they looked to be flying high heading into the playoffs. But, as the playoffs went on, the Bulls and their major flaw was exposed. The Bulls are in need of another playmaker. Derrick Rose is indeed a difference-maker, but he can't carry the team on his back all the time. He needs someone to shoulder the burden for him at times. I would look for the Bulls to go after a play-making guard to pair with D Rose and make them even better. The Bulls are just getting started on their ascent back to the top.

For Miami, they were the team that everyone picked to win the title as soon as Lebron James announced he was going to Miami on "The Decision". As soon as he did that, the bullseye was squarely on them. The Heat looked to not be able to take the pressure at the beginning of the year as they stumbled to a 9-8 record to start the season. Some doubted if the Heat would ever get it together in time. Well, not only did they get it together, they are now where everyone thought they would be, the NBA Finals. The biggest difference is this team has been LeBron James. He was been a cold-blooded assassin in the playoffs as he has hit big shot after big shot. James has often been criticized over his career for not coming through in the clutch, but now what do you say about him? He's been Mr. Reliable in the fourth quarter. I believe the biggest thing that has changed about him since he went to Miami is his mental toughness. He seems more driven, determined and focused to me and its translating to his play on the court. But with all that being said, their mission isn't over. When this team was assembled, they were assembled to win championships. I salute them for their victory over the Bulls and making it to the NBA Finals, but there's still one more round to go.

Looking forward, I expect a good series between the Heat and the Mavericks. The game should be physical and excitement should be everywhere as Dirk tries to avenge the Mavericks' 2006 loss in the NBA Finals to the Miami Heat.

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  1. Ken

    Another great read, insightful, factual and like you I thought the Bulls would take it for the very reasons you stated. Miami earned their way into the finals after a dismal start and I’m waiting to see how they now fair against the Mavs. The question now is who wants the ring more, Lebron or Dirk. I’m going with my heart here and sticking with Dirk. My head says it could be Lebron, but but part of me still wants to see Lebron fall on his face after last summers decision.

    • Thanks. I haven’t made my decision yet on the Mavs/Heat series. I think it should be interesting. I have to look at the stats, look at some game tape and then I will make my prediction.

  2. Kareem Howard

    I believe J.R. Smith is free agent this year. May want to consider adding him to the mix. Or bring back Jamal Crawford.

    • I think JR Smith is more a possibility than Jamal Crawford. Both are playmakers and would help, but the Bulls have to figure out who they’re going to keep and who they’re going to trade or let go to fit them in under the cap.

  3. lyorant

    I’m confused Everyday Man. Didn’t bulls have best record in the league? Didn’t bulls have the MVP of the league? They overachieved. Even S. Pippen said that. The only reason they won Game 1 was because they got a lead large enough where Miami wasn’t able to come back. Fact is D. Rose didn’t have a “MVP” series. He makes a few FT’s and they still in still in series.

    • I do agree they overacheived. That’s true. I will say that this is the only the beginning for this team though.

  4. Lee Love

    Even though“The Decision” didn’t look like the right on at the beginning of the season Heat have moved into a “how you like me now” platform…the Big 3 are doing what they were brought in to do and other acquisitions are stepping up. The Bulls need someone to turn to other then D.Rose for a scoring option, Turf Toe or not the Boozer thing didn’t work and Korver lost the scoring touch in the playoffs which forced D.Rose to do alot on his own which resulted in costly turnovers. Bulls will need another consistent scoring option moving on to be a threat in the game.

    • The Bulls just need another playmaker on offense to take some of the burden off D Rose.

  5. Greg Newell

    Great site!!!

  6. My man whats up and I know you like me can’t wait for these finals. I just really have no idea who has upper hand, crazy. bottom line heat and mavs are two best teams. should be great matchup. yet again another great post!

    • Thanks and I’m working on my preview now. Should be up by tomorrow or Monday.

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