The Chicago Bulls In A Ugly Dilemma After Their Game Three Loss

Before this series, I picked the Bulls to win and go to the NBA Finals. They play good defense, have a better bench and rebound better. But through three games, three key things are killing the Bulls. And of the three issues, two of them the Bulls can correct fast enough.

Carlos Boozer has played well in two of the three games on the offensive end of the court. But for as much as he has brought on the offensive end, he has hurt the Bulls mightily on the defensive end. Boozer guards either Joel Anthony or Udonis Haslem on defense. Being that he guards these two guys, he has to play better help-side defense. The problem is, he hasn't been there. Everytime Bosh makes a move to the basket and beats Noah, Boozer isn't there to help and Bosh gets all the way to the basket. He has been a big part of why the Bulls have struggled at times defensively. Taj Gibson is better defensively, but he has been trending downward since Game 1 when he played out of his mind. For the Bulls, they need to either change their defensive strategy or just succumb to the fact that Boozer's going to give up as many points as he scores.

Another issue with the Bulls this series is shooting. The Bulls haven't exactly been shooting the lights out, but Korver has been their best shooter. The issue with him is that for as much as he can potentially give you offensively with his shooting, he is a liability on the defensive end. But his replacements, Bogans and Brewer, can't shoot as well but can play better defense. In order for the Bulls to have any sort of chance, they must find the formula of how to mix Korver in with the defense of Brewer and Bogans.

The biggest issue that has been plaguing the Bulls is there offensive execution. They have Derrick Rose, the 2011 MVP, and it seems that the Bulls depend on him so much down the stretch that they become stagnant down the stretch. They must continue to move the ball like they have all year. If they run their motion offense, that helps get more people involved and also helps take some of the pressure off D Rose. If no motion is created, then the Heat can focus in on Rose and shut he and the Bulls down.

For the Bulls to come back or have any shot, it starts on the defensive end with getting back to crisp rotations, rebounding and all-out hustle. On the offensive end, more guys must get involved and help D Rose. You're down 2-1 so its time to play with some desperation. After all, its win or go home in the playoffs.

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  1. Derrel "Jazz" Johnson

    Good post brother. In my preview for this series, I said Carlos Boozer/Chris Bosh would be the key. Chris Bosh is dominating that matchup with 74 points. Boozer doesn’t have the ability to help, as he’s not a good shot blocker. Ultimately he will hamper this team as they are playing him Superstar money and he may never be an all-star with the talented forwards in the East. The Bulls, while deep, don’t have the talent to defeat a healthy Heat team.

    • Thanks. But in order to be a good help defender, Boozer doesn’t have to be a good shot blocker. All he needs to do is be in the right position. And as far as his pay, he definitely hasn’t played up to expectations, but I do think that he can play better defense. He is playing Joel Anthony and Anthony’s not a factor on the offensive end for the most part. With all that is being said about Chicago, they are still only down one game. One win by the Bulls in Game 4 and its a whole new series.

  2. Great write up on the game. I agree with a lot of your points. Do you think that the defense needs to create more opportunities to get out on the break and push the ball?

    • I think the defense is creating some opportunities, but the Bulls haven’t pushed the ball enough to take advantage of those opportunities. The Bulls could also create more opportunities off of rebounds. They outrebounded the Heat but they didn’t make the Heat pay. I also think that the Bulls could have taken advantage of the Heat when they forced them to take long jumper. Long jumpers create long rebounds and the Bulls didn’t corral the rebounds when they forced long jumpers.

  3. Derrel "Jazz" Johnson

    Bosh can finish over Boozer, easily, which is why they have Noah guarding him in the first place. Noah is getting toasted, that’ part of the problem too. One game and it is a whole new series. It says here they won’t get that win. My prediction of Heat in five is shaping up rather nicely. Beatwriters didn’t like what they saw from the team either. One of the reasons why the Bulls can’t get more fast break opportunities is that the Heat get back on defense, and block shots.

    • I know Bosh can finish over Boozer, which is why I’m saying Boozer has to close quicker to at least make the shot more difficult for Bosh. He hasn’t done that so far. As far as Noah getting toasted, he isn’t playing his best. I admit that. But, as far as the fast break opportunities, I saw too many times where the had either the initial or secondary fast break and they did neither. I will say the Heat are getting back some of the time but not all the time. And as far as the beatwriters, their job is to make everything either look outstanding or gloomy, so I don’t put very much stock in what they saw. Like I said before, all it takes is one win in Game 4 and then the series changes its outlook again.

  4. Perhaps they should let Boozer guard him so that Noah can come over and help? I honestly don’t know what they should be doing, other than what they are doing. They are containing, for the most part, Lebron and Wade, which has to change at some point. I disagree with that take on the beatwriters, especially some of them that are rooting for the Bull and have predicted them to win. What was your original prediction? Bull in six or seven?

    • They aren’t gonna let Boozer guard Bosh. They will stick with Noah on him. And as far as a prediction, I went with Chicago in six.

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