TEM’s 2010-2011 NBA Eastern Conference Preview

Basketball season is around the corner and everyone has hope for their team to make it. Some teams will meet expectations and some teams won't come anywhere close. Without further adieu, here is The Everyday Man's Sports blog Eastern Conference Preview.

Predicted Final Standings for the Year

1)Miami Heat
If the Three Kings and cast can stay healthy, they may win the East in a runaway.

2) Orlando Magic
Dwight Howard and company strike back with a vengeance this year. If they are hitting their 3's, they are the most dangerous team in the East.

3) Chicago Bulls
The additions of F Carlos Boozer, G Kyle Korver, G Ronnie Brewer and G Keith Bogans along with veteran center Kurt Thomas give the Bulls what they lacked last year: size, inside scoring and shooting.

4) Boston Celtics
The Celtics got bigger and deeper this off-season. If they can stay healthy, they could be a sleeper for the Eastern conference crown.

5) Atlanta Hawks
The Hawks are as athletic as any team in the East but they lack killer instinct. They could be higher if they play to their potential.

6) Milwaukee Bucks
A healthy Andrew Bogut, a budding superstar in PG Brandon Jennings and a veteran supporting cast make the Bucks a dangerous team.

7) New York Knicks
This slot all depends on if Amar'e can stay healthy. They could also rise higher if they pull off the trade for Carmelo Anthony.

8) Charlotte Bobcats
Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace should be able to lead this team to at least a playoff berth in Michael Jordan's first full year being majority owner of the team.

9) Indiana Pacers
The Pacers will be better, but they are still young and have a long way to go before they are taken seriously in the East again.

10) Philadelphia 76ers
Coach Doug Collins must find a way to incorporate G Evan Turner into the lineup with a team that has a lot of duplicate players.

11) Detroit Pistons
This team has too many players who play the same positions. It wouldn't surprise me if Tayshaun Prince or Rip Hamilton gets dealt this year.

12) New Jersey Nets
The Nets made some off-season moves, but they don't yet have the level of talent to be a factor in the East.

13) Washington Wizards
The Wizards will have an entertaining backcourt with John Wall and Gilbert Arenas, but they don't have enough inside to compete.

14) Cleveland Cavaliers
Now is the time for coach Byron Scott to put his stamp on this team. This season will be a lost one.

15) Toronto Raptors
They replaced Chris Bosh with SF Linas Kleiza and PF Amir Johnson. That says enough about how the Raptors season will go right there.

Eastern Conference Champion: Miami Heat

Eastern Conference MVP: LeBron James, F, Miami Heat

Sleeper: Milwaukee Bucks

Top Rookie: John Wall, PG, Kentucky

Best Bench: Boston Celtics

There is my preview of the Eastern Conference. If you have any disagreements, questions of comments, feel free to leave a comment so we can discuss.

2 Responses

  1. Kareem Howard

    I hope your right about the Knicks, but this is on point. But Cleveland at 14th and Toronto at 15th?DANG!!!!!!!!!I have the 76ers at 8th. They just had alot of injuries but with a healthy Elton Brand, this should change their season.

    • Cleveland and Toronto have one big question to ask: who is gonna score for them? They don’t have a go-to guy on either team. That’s why the Cavs and Raptors are that low.

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