Weak In Boston

SWV was big back in the 1990's. Coco, Taj and Lelee all came together back in New York City in the 1990's shopping their demo while presenting them with a bottle of Perrier. The trio eventually got in front of RCA back in 1991 and that was their first recording deal. In 1992, SWV released their first album called It's About Time. The first two singles, "Right Here" and "I'm So Into You" charted very well for the group. But it was their third single that would take them to a new level. "Weak" was released back in April of 1993. The single would reach number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1993 and would go down as one of the most successful songs the group had. Of course SWV would have more albums after that original one, but none would top It's About Time. Weak was great for SWV, but it isn't exactly a word that you want attached to your team in any sports and heading into the playoffs, one team has started to gain that type of mantra about them. The Boston Celtics have been successful this season and have surged to the top of the East. Many even think they have a shot in the East. But if you are truly looking at the entire picture when it comes to the Celtics, they will probably be sitting at home sooner than some think they will.

The one guy that everyone focuses on with the Celtics is Isaiah Thomas. The diminutive star guard has been torching defense all season long and especially in the fourth quarter. He is the offense for them. But what about Al Horford and what he was supposed to bring this offseason offensively? Horford was billed as a steal this offseason for the Celtics. He was supposed to put them in position to win the title said many. Of course, he is a very good big man and can help you win some ballgames. But the thing is, the goal is to win the championship, not just win games. Horford is averaging 14 points and seven rebounds for the Celtics this year and that solid. But the Celtics do not have enough scoring to go with Isaiah Thomas at all. Eventually, that will come back to bite them come playoff time when teams take Isaiah out of the game and force others to make plays. So far, when Isaiah has been taken out of games, the team struggles to score, including Horford. The team needs Horford to play like the star player that they paid him to be. They need him to take over on the offensive end and give them at least 20 points a game. But looking at him this season, it is highly possible that he will not average those 20 points a game that they need and that is an issue.

But Horford and the offensive end are not the only issue going on in Beantown. The Celtics are also a team that gets after it on the defensive end. Players like Jae Crowder and Avery Bradley are solid defenders on the perimeter. In fact, Bradley may make NBA first team all-defense because of his performance. But after you get past those two (which can happen), what else does Boston have? Well, if two games against the Cleveland Cavaliers an the Atlanta Hawks have not told you anything, they told you that Boston is very similar to a doughnut. The perimeter, or outside of the defense is tough and had texture (along with taste) like a doughnut does. But when you get through the outside of the doughnut, there is nothing. Just like the doughnut has nothing, the Boston Celtics have no one in the paint to deter people from getting to the rim. So imagine if the Celtics get a team that can attack the rim and cause them issues in the paint in the playoffs. Their joy they have had all season long could turn into agony. As it stands now, the Celtics are playing Al Horford at center and even though Al is a solid defender, he is not a rim protector. The Celtics don't have one of those coming in off the bench or starting, so if the Red Sea is going to part, offenses are going to take advantage of the opportunities.

The Celtics have been praised all season long as they have climbed and clawed their way to the top of the Eastern Conference. But even though they are one team that some fear, they are not exactly the toughest team when it comes to stopping people from driving to the rim and finishing. Offensively, they still have a ton of issues and not very much time to fix them. Boston, you may have gotten better, but the team is still not strong enough to take the Eastern Conference crown at this point.

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