It’s Steph Curry’s World. We’re Just Living In It

(photo courtesy of International Business Times)

(photo courtesy of International Business Times)

Many NBA fans have talked about who is the best player in the NBA. One particular name has been synonymous with that title over the years: LeBron James. He is one of the most electrifying players in the NBA. During the last five seasons, James has appeared in each NBA Finals, losing three and winning two. There have been many others that have had popularity in the NBA, but none have reached the level of success over the years that LeBron has. It seemed like every season he would continue to be the man that many felt carried this title. But this year, it seems there has been a change at the top. LeBron is still having a great season to start. He is averaging 27 points, 7 rebounds and six assists a game so far and is doing his part to keep this team in the hunt while they wait on point guard Kyrie Irving to return. And by the end of the season, LeBron will be mentioned in the MVP talk. But there is someone else that is capturing the attention and imagination of many these days. His name is Steph Curry.

The Warriors were a solid team the last few years, getting better and better with each passing season. But last year, they took a big step forward. Golden State was the best team in basketball last season and none other than Steph Curry was the ringleader of their surge to the title. Many thought that he and the Warriors may have some slippage this season due to a championship hangover. But instead of having a hangover, they have made this season a “remember me” one so far. They felt that many discredited their championship and set out to make the league beg for mercy. The Warriors are now sitting at 11-0 and have been handling opponents with ease. And no player has been more impressive than Curry on their run to start the season. To give you an example, he has had more 20 point quarters this season than the all other NBA players combined. He is in a zone that many have not ever seen before. And if you touch him, you may just get singed because he is on fire at all times.

Curry has insane handles when on the court. It’s almost like he has it on a string while he lulls opponents to sleep. And lots of times, he has some defenders checking their ankles after he has put a mean crossover on them. Sometimes he uses his handles to get to the rim or set up his own shot. And other times, he uses his handles to get other guys on his team an easy look at the basket. Whether he is making his own spectacular move to score or to assist, it is all captivating for us to watch. But along with the handles, he has the prettiest shot in the NBA. When watching him shoot, it’s almost like every shot looks like it’s going in. Curry was a marksman last season, shooting 44 % from the field and 44% from the three-point line. But this season, he has taken it up a notch. He is shooting a career-best 52% from the field, including 45% from the three-point line. The handles he has are magnified because of what he can do shooting the ball. People talk about unguardable players, but Curry has truly made himself a player that no one knows how to slow down. And with the weapons around him, you cannot really funnel the ball out of his hands.

With Curry as the driving force, the Warriors are must-see television. LeBron used to be the unquestioned best player in the NBA, but not anymore. Curry is definitely playing at a higher level than anyone right now including LeBron. The King may be the most indispensable player on his team, but there is no doubting that Chef Curry is cooking up a brew for the whole league this year. It will be fun to see what he does next.

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