The Next Movement For Andrew Bogut

The Roots are incredible. The mixture of hip hop from Black Thought with a full ensemble of a band behind him makes them one of the greatest out there. The record sales may not say it, but record sales are not everything. Beautiful music is timeless and so is good hip hop and that is why the Roots and their music will continue to be around. One song that never really got its just due was "Next Movement". Although it did not chart, the melody and the rhymes by Black Thought fit hand in hand with each other. Because of the easy-flow of the song, it will never get old in my eyes. Within that same vein, a veteran big man never gets too old in the NBA. Around this time of the season, there is always buyouts that happen and some of them include big men that title-contending teams need. One of those big men that teams are coveting this time around is Andrew Bogut. The veteran center reached a buyout with the Philadelphia 76ers, making him a free agent. There were plenty that had him already signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers before the season started. But that talk has been walked back since and he reportedly has four teams he is interested in: the Cavaliers, Spurs, Rockets and Celtics. So, which team will it be?

Of the four teams that he is interested in, there is only two of them that he really fits well. Unfortunately for the Spurs and Celtics, neither of these two teams are a good fit for Bogut. If Bogut is to head to the Spurs, the team would get better with him. But the thing that probably bother him most is the playing time. With big guys like Pau Gasol, David Lee and Dewayne Dedmon there, Bogut would be the fourth man in the rotation there. As playoff time would roll around, that would mean less and less playing time for him and maybe some games where he never takes the warmups off. His passing may fit them but there is really no need for him down in San Antonio. As for the Celtics, they could use another big and Bogut could log a lot of minutes for them. His presence would allow Al Horford to play the power forward position even more instead of playing the center position at times. But unfortunately, his addition would not be enough for them. The Celtics need another playmaker more than anything and as well as he passes as a big man, Bogut is not it. This team would not be projected to go any further with him on the team and that would essentially be a waste of money.

As for the two teams that could use him, that would be the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Houston Rockets. The Cavaliers could use Bogut in a few different ways. Defensively, the Cavaliers lack a big, physical presence inside outside of Tristian Thompson. With Bogut on the team, the Cavaliers would have a guy that could block shots and get rebounds. He also brings a nastiness to the game that can get under the opponent's skin as well defensively. On the offensive end, the passing of Bogut would be a nice addition. He would give the Cavs a big man that could find their shooters out of the post and out of the high post. Along with his passing, Bogut is a very good screener. With guys like Kyle Korver out there in Cleveland, his screening would be essential to the flow on the offensive end of the court. The Cavaliers fit would be nice, but the Houston fit would be even better. The Houston Rockets are the team in the mix for Bogut that most closely resemble the Golden State Warriors in terms of style. Bogut could slide in as a starter or a backup big man and immediately pay dividends. He gives them more size defensively to deter shots, can set screens and can find the bevy of shooters that Houston has. He would actually be a more dangerous weapon with the Rockets than he would with the Cavaliers quite honestly. But the one thing that could bother him with the Rockets is the pace of the game. That would limit the minutes he would play.

Bogut has a decision to make and ultimately he wants to make the one that will lead him to another title. Cleveland and San Antonio would probably get him closer to a title than Houston and Boston, but he would probably play more in both Houston and Boston as well. The thing he will have to weigh is what he is looking for at this point in time and how much is he willing to sacrifice to make that happen. Well, all will be waiting as we find out when and where he will sign. Andrew Bogut, where will your next movement be?

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