Note To Shaq: Maybe Its Time To Retire

A lot of people may have thought that after the 2009-2010 season, Shaq would have decided to retire. Shaq has been dominant for the majority of his career. He has won four titles and three MVP awards. He has changed the way the NBA is played. But, like all good things, they have to come to an end sometime.

Shaq signed with the Celtics this off-season. He said he wanted to join a team that was set up to win a championship. I cannot argue with Shaq's choice, given the way the Celtics have been consistent title contenders for a few years now. But has Shaq really helped the Celtics? He's been out for more than half the games this year. He just recently came back this week and he is now injured again with a calf strain.

I have been a huge Shaq fan all of his career, but its just painful to watch him slowly fall further and further apart. They always say its hard to walk away from the spotlight and the competition and maybe that's what is pulling him back to play. Well, whatever it is that is driving him, he needs to find a way to replace that drive. Part of being a great player is knowing when to leave the game and I think after this year, the time has come for Shaq to leave the game. He has done great things as a player and as an ambassador of the sport, but its time for him to call it a career and not subject us to more injury-riddled seasons.

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  1. Carlos

    As long as someone pays him, he should stay. He is still young, in life terms, and no need to stop the millions from coming in. I never knock a person for staying as long as they want unless they are pulling a Brett Favre.

    • I understand that part of it, but as a fan of his, its really hard to see him just slowly deteriorating more and more every year to the point where he doesn’t even play all that much. Its sad in a sense.

  2. Carlos D

    The Celtics knew that both Oneals were going to miss a lot of games. They mainly want them healthy for the playoffs. That’s the only thing that matters to them.

    • But can Shaq even be counted on in the playoffs? I don’t think anyone knows that answer this year.

  3. James Rutherford

    Yes I was thinking the same thing yesterday it’s time for Shaq to give it up and call it a career, anytime you get injured just running down the court without anyone touching you, not to mention he has been hurt all season. But that is a sign to give the game up when it starts to effect your health,sports is a young mans game the older you get the more your skills and physical ability slowly but surely disappears.I don’t think he will be able to help in the playoffs because he isn’t in shape and will hurt the team and possibly himself.

  4. He’s done, smartest decision Jerry Buss ever made

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