My Thoughts On The Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland visited the Portland Trailblazers to play a basketball game. What broke out was an all-out assault. The Blazers basically come out from the jump and let the Cavaliers know they didn't have any chance to win the game. The Blazers destroyed the Cavs 111-70. Personally, I feel sorry for the Cavalier fans and I blame one man: Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert.

Dan Gilbert is the mastermind behind this colossal collapse. I don't think I've ever seen a team crumble so bad after one player left their team. The reason why I fault Dan Gilbert for this is because he didn't have any kind of backup plan for the possibility that LeBron might leave. He never brought in a capable, consistent 2nd scorer. No offense to Mo Williams and Antwaun Jamison, but when LeBron was there they were not consistent scorers. As a result of that, the Cavs looked good in the regular season, but always faltered in crunch time. And in the off-season, what did Gilbert do to try to address any of their needs, absolutely nothing.

I feel very bad for Cavs Head Coach Byron Scott. He was handed the keys to what he thought was gonna be a Porshe but it ended up being a Pinto. Scott has tried everything from calling his players out to trying to give them positive reinforcement, but all of it has fallen on deaf ears it seems. Now I'm not trying to excuse LeBron's "Decision" at all, but Gilbert's decisions have hurt the team worse.

The best thing that can happen for the Cavs is the end of the season. Maybe its now time for Cleveland to put more pressure on its owner to get it done. Its time for him to do something to help try to resurrect his franchise or he will be the next person booed uncontrollably at the Quicken Loans Arena.

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  1. Darlene Stephen

    Iagree. I feel sorry for Byron Scott because he is a good coach. The owner did not have a back up plan if LaBron left and then he had the nerve to bash LaBron and say the Cavs would be a contending team. He said they would win a championship before LaBron but I don’t see the Cavs doing anything for some time. Right now they are the laughing stock of the NBA.

  2. Theyre a team full of filler and no substance.

    • Gilbert could have changed that this off-season or seasons before to surround LeBron with talent but he didn’t.

  3. I’m not sure I feel too bad for Byron Scott considering how much he is paid $$$ :P. But seriously, with the roster that Scott has been given there isn’t much he can do with it, especialyl with Varejao being hurt. It’s gonna be a while before Cleveland gets another contender with their NBA team IMO

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