Mothers: The Real MVPs

Finally, what everyone thought was going to happen this year was announced. PG Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls has been named the 2010-2011 MVP of the NBA. I think its great and refreshing to see someone as young and as humble win this award. But what was even more impressive than anything he did on the court was the speech he gave during accepting the award.

Rose was very thankful to the steadying influence in his world, his mom. He credited his mom for him being where he is. He's not the only one who should be thanking his mom. A lot of us have had times in life where we may have doubted our abilities and our dreams. In those instances, that's when mom steps in with that encouraging word at the perfect time. His mom's persistence in making him do the things he was supposed to do and encouraging him made him who he is.

I thought long and hard about what my mother means to me. My mom has always had my back. She has been a steady influence in my life and she has always been there with an encouraging word, even if the situation may have been terrible and even if we bump heads in disagreement. And as a tribute to her on this Mother's Day, I just wanted to tell all of you that read my blog that don't understand, my mother was the one who helped encourage my dreams in life, while my dad gave me the road map to get there. Young or old, women or men, love your parents, but especially love the women who encourage your dreams and are always in your corner since your inception in this world.

I want to challenge all that read this blog. Take a moment and think about something that touches you that your mother did for you while you were growing up that has never left you. And then take that thought or thoughts and express it to your mother not only on Mother's Day, but on any day. You never know how those words can make your mom's day. I love you Momma!

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  1. Lee Love

    Wonderful tribute to your Mother…my Mom passed when I was very young but in those few years she instilled a drive and passion for excellence that has lasted throughout and I know she’s always watching. All should love and respect their Mother’s because their wisdom and love never goes away. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

    • Thanks! Mothers always have those words that seem to resonate with you your whole life. Sorry to hear that your mom isn’t here anymore, but she’s always watching and will always be in two places: your heart and your mind. Everyone should take the time to let their mom know that you love them not only on Mother’s Day, but everyday.

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  3. Good tribute to your mother. Mother’s Day should be a reminder that we need to continue to appreciate our mother’s every day of the year and not just one day because they would give anything for us.

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