Brook Lopez moves to Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Bucks did not do as well as the expectations that were built up by some around them. They did not shoot the ball well and they just could not get it together as a team. Their disfunction as a team caused Jason Kidd to be fired and an interim coach took over the rest of the season. They Bucks did ok, but they still did not go anywhere fast and were a quick exit out of the playoffs. Heading into the offseason, the Bucks got to see what they needed along with hiring a new head coach in Atlanta's Mike Budenholzer. With the head coach in place, it allowed the team to see what they needed and where they could get it from. One position they obviously needed someone at was center. And lucky for them, they found a veteran player that could give them something where they have gotten nothing at all.

Brook Lopez and the Bucks agreed to a one-year deal recently as the free agent freezy has calmed down a lot. In signing him, the Bucks now have a true center on their roster. Lopez could play a lot or play a little for this Bucks team, but he will be an effective piece for them. The one thing he can definitely do is score the basketball. Over the last couple years, he has developed a three-point shot. Add that into his post game and what he can do there, and he is a very valuable offensive talent. The only two issues are about his isolation play and the pace of the offense. Lopez did a good job of moving around while in Los Angeles, but he can have a tendency over his career to hold the basketball, trying to make a play. If he can avoid that, the it makes the Bucks better as a team. And along with the isolation basketball he can get caught up in, Lopez also is highly affected by the speed of the game. If the Bucks are pushing the basketball, then Lopez may not be a factor at all. However, in the postseason when the game slows down some, Lopez could be very valuable for them with his skills on the block.

Lopez is good offensively, but defensively is a whole different thing. He has gotten a little better there in terms of contesting and rebounding, but it is still an issue. As a big man (especially a center), you should have at least one season where you average ten rebounds a game. Lopez has never averaged ten rebounds a game and he has declined in rebounding more and more the last two seasons. With that being the case, the Bucks need more effort on the boards from him. The more he gets involved offensively, the more Lopez will be engaged and alert defensively. Along with his lack of rebounds, he also does not always end up in the right spot. There's a good portion of that blame that goes with his demeanor on the court. He has to want to play defense and help this team win. He has one of the best defenders in the NBA on his size, so he ought to play with a little more confidence.

The Bucks upgraded at center and they also gave themselves some issues to cover up. Only time will tell the Bucks will be able to cover up those blemishes or if they will stick out like a sore thumb.

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