Miami Finishes The Job In Game Three Of The NBA Finals

The pressure was on the Heat. They blew a fifteen point lead in the fourth quarter of Game 2 and some thought that signaled the Miami Heat of November were about to make an appearance in the playoffs. Well, it looks like the Miami Heat learned from their mistakes of last game with an 88-86 win over the Dallas Mavericks in Dallas. A few things stood out to be the difference in Miami finishing this game.

The Miami Heat haven't had the best bench production this season. Well, this game, backup PG Mario Chalmers decided he was going to show up for Game 3. He hit four huge three-pointers to offset the production of Mavericks' supersub Jason Terry. Chalmers has outplayed Mike Bibby this series and has given the Heat what they needed: outside shooting.

Who can remember the barrage of three's the Heat shot last game? I can. They attempted 30 three-pointers last game. Well, this game, they attempted only 19 three's, which is more within what they do. Whenever the Heat shoot a ton of three's, the percentages of them winning aren't very good. The Heat are a slashing team and they just need a dash of three-point shooting, not a hearty helping of it.

Game 2 ended on a Dirk Nowitzki drive to the basket around Heat PF Chris Bosh. I, like a lot of sports fans, was wondering why Heat PF Udonis Haslem was not guarding him. Well, this game, the Heat didn't make the same mistake. Haslem played Dirk tough and forced Dirk into tough shots and a turnover down the stretch. Haslem is the Heat's best one-on-one post defender and he should be the one guarding Dirk down the stretch. In no way should Bosh ever guard Dirk because he can't guard him. He's not physical enough to bother Dirk and apparently he's not quick enough either as evidenced by Dirk going around him so easily in Game 2.

The game was tight going into the fourth quarter. Dwyane Wade was sizzling. Last game, the Heat chose to go to LeBron to close it out even with Wade in the zone, but this game they rode the hot hand of Heat G Dwyane Wade and it paid dividends. Wade played inspired basketball. He was attacking the rim, blocking shots and rebounding the ball inside amongst the big guys. He hit clutch jumper after clutch jumper on his way to seven fourth quarter points and 29 points for the game.

The Heat have continued to prove time and time again that they are a mentally tough squad and this game was no different. The crowd was hostile. The Mavs were playing them very physical. But instead of the Heat backing down, they stepped up and answered the bell.

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  1. Nice article. I myself and a Mavs fan, so was very dissapointed with the result but I like your analysis of the game. Hope you can check my bball blog out too (

    • Thanks and I will check out your blog as well. Thanks for reading!

  2. There was a noticeable differeence in the amount of 3 point shots last night, I love that point. Haslem did a good job on Dirk on the last possession too.

    • Haslem is their best post defender in my opinion. Sure, Joel Anthony guards Dirk too, but he’s a better help defender than one-on-one defender.

  3. Lee Love

    The Heat learned from what happened to them last game and the production from Mario Chalmers was a real bonus. Dallas had some good open looks but the shots didn’t go down. Next game should be another barn burner.

    • Next game should be but one thing I’ve learned about these NBA playoffs is to expect the unexpected.

  4. 7Boss1

    Good work as usual keep em comin

  5. BiGTooT

    Nice write up, Bosh isn’t physical enough to guard Dirk correct but he should feel bad as to not being fast enough to guard him one on one Dirk has to be the slowest moving player to play the game but with that he is very effective..

    • You’re right about one thing. Dirk is slow but Bosh has never really been known as a great defender anyway.

  6. focusDallah

    Great Job with the Details Miami Mentally has been more prepared for the Games Dallas has to see what Miami Big3 going to throw at them then react the the Difference Mavs will throw the first punch in Game4 to test Miami mental toughness

  7. MrDcSports

    Rick Carlisle should put Corey Brewer in to defend D-Wade, Brewer has long arms that possible could give Wade problems. One thing is for certain, Dallas needs a PG in the offseason. Jason Kidd is looking his age & JJ Barea is not good at running an offense. I agree Mario Chalmers was a big difference in this game.

  8. I think the lack of bench production, or, the lack of second and third scorers. Shawn Marion and Jason Terry are second and third on the Mavericks in scoring during the series, averaging 15.3 and 14.3, respectively. Jason Kidd has averaged 8.0 points per game and has yet to reach double-figures in the series, and Peja Stojakovic has only scored two points in the entire series.

    The Miami Heat win based on their defense, not their offense. Had Chris Bosh guarded Dirk Nowitzki, they may have lost game three, but Haslem forced Dirk into a tough shot, one that he does make, but not as easy as a lay up.

  9. Great post! Thank you so much for sharing it with me on Twitter! I really wanted to see the Mavs pull this one off at home and gain the advantage, but after mounting such an monumental comeback, the loss was to be expected. One thing is for sure, this has been an exciting series!

    • Thanks! Game 4 is of the utmost importance to Dallas.

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