Jabari Parker’s market is non-existent this offseason

The NBA free agency period has come to a slow crawl. The big names are pretty much off the board now. The only unrestricted free agents out there are mostly fringe players that would be supplemental parts to the teams. While most desirable unrestricted free agents are gone, there are some restricted free agents out there that could help some teams. One big one is Marcus Smart and his situation has yet to be resolved, but Smart isn't the only one going through a tough situation. Jabari Parker is a talented forward that can score in bunches. He could really help a team with a jolt off their bench and his versatility to pay two different positions. The problem is he is a restricted free agent. A talented player held hostage by a team that acts as if they really don't want him. So why has no one given him a shot yet and tried to pry him away with an offer Milwaukee cannot or won't match?

The biggest issue Jabari has to deal with is health. When Parker was first coming into the NBA, he was viewed as a star in the making. There was actual debate in who would go first in the NBA draft back in 2014: Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins. Well, Wiggins went first and he has had a good career so far, but not the superstar career that was expected from him. Parker came out and showed that he had the skills to be in the NBA and he had some people thinking a mistake was made in the NBA Draft. All that talk chilled really quickly when he began to have injuries. Over his career, he has torn his ACL in his left knee twice and he has never played one full season over his entire career. When teams look at that, they see an injury risk and teams are not going to take a big risk on that type of deal. The only way they could do that is to take out injury protection like what Sacramento did when they signed Zach LaVine to an offer sheet this offseason (Bulls matched the offer with LaVine being a restricted free agent).

Jabari's limited options may force him into signing his qualifying offer. While that may not sound like a good thing for him, it could benefit him in the long run. The Bucks hold all the cards right now and his health has limited his market. The Sacramento Kings, Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks have money, but you have to wonder if they would think of making an offer for him. The Kings are loaded at the forward position and they probably aren't going to offer him a deal. As far as Chicago and Atlanta, those places offer an opportunity. Chicago would bring Parker back home. It would allow him to be in a comfort zone, but the Bulls don't seem to be in a hurry to commit to taking up more salary cap space. As far as Atlanta, it seems they want to build with young talent and go from there. They could use some scoring punch off their bench, but the starting spot seems to be where they are content with former 1st round Taurean Prince starting. Which leaves Jabari back with Milwaukee. They could use his scoring punch off the bench behind Khris Middleton, but other than that, there isn't much room for Parker there, especially with Ersan Ilysova as the primary backup to The Greek Freak at power forward. Jabari would essentially be there as a luxury piece because of his relationship with the organization.

Unfortunately it looks like Jabari is stuck in Milwaukee for the time being. There is no way out unless some offer is made and that offer does not look to be coming anytime soon. Jabari may be spending one last season in Milwaukee as he may be forced into accepting the qualifying offer from the Bucks. Looks like the 2018-2019 season could be a long one especially if he cannot stay healthy again.

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