Its Now Or Never

The Nets and Nuggets have struck a deal. The deal in place would send SF Carmelo Anthony, PG Chauncey Billups, PF Shelden Williams, PF Reynaldo Balkman and C Melvin Ely to the Nets for PG Devin Harris, PF Derrick Favors, PF Ben Uzoh, PF Troy Murphy and 4 1st round draft picks. This deal is all depending on Melo signing a 3 yr/ $65 million extension. Now all Nets fans are rejoicing and getting excited, but hold on. This deal isn't done yet.

The Nets and the Knicks ownership groups are flying out to Los Angeles to meet with Anthony to discuss a deal with him. Carmelo has already said plenty of times that he does not wish to go to New Jersey. He wants to go to New York. New York needs to step up to the plate. They want him, but they have been dragging their feet. Well, since they have dragged their feet the whole time, the Nets have swept in. Now the Knicks have to make a decision.

The Knicks have been rumored to have to give up PG Raymond Felton, C Eddy Curry, SF Danillo Gallinari and SG Landry Fields for Anthony. If I'm the Knicks, I have to go get Melo now. At first I was saying they could wait until the off-season to get Melo to the Big Apple, but now the Nets have really stepped up to the plate.

Time will only tell what Carmelo says and agrees to, but at this point, I think it is a forgone conclusion that he will not be in Denver much longer. The Knicks cannot let this deal between the Nets and Nuggets happen because after losing LeBron, Melo was their next target. Melo could help them become more serious contenders and also the money would be free for the Knicks to get a PG like maybe a Chris Paul through a trade and then the Knicks would really have star power and contender written all over them. With all this said, I think Melo ends up in New York playing for the New York Knicks. Nice try Nets.

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  1. Kareem Howard

    Ok, here we go…….

    They can have him. 5 players and four 1st round draft pick. That’s the equivalent of tow basketball teams. That also means that you are very confident that star players will sign as free agents to your team during the offseason which they will not. Why would anyone want to sign with a on man team. Honestly, unless they can guaranteed that NeNe’ and Kenyon Martin can can with them in the offseason, this is a fail waiting to happen.

    • I don’t think the Nets deal will happen. He will end up in New York. And you’re right, the Nets would be crazy to give up all those draft picks, but all of those draft picks are for this year. The Nets stockpiled 1st round picks to be able to go get a superstar. And also, CP3 would be very interested in joining the Nets. The Nets also have C Brooke Lopez who is a building block and G Anthony Morrow who can shoot too. They wouldn’t be a great team after the trade, but they wouldn’t be the worst team in the NBA either.

  2. Kareem Howard

    How would you build around a team with no first round draft picks? Just because you have money doesn’t mean people are going to want to sign with you, and I just don’t see anyone signing with a team with ONE good player. This may be a 8yr plan for them. Melo may end up like another Shawn Kemp.

    • That’s true but Miami had money and put their team together. They didn’t have picks. It could happen and I don’t think there wouldn’t be an 8 year plan if he went to the Nets. I don’t think he’s going to the Nets anyway.

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