For Better Or Worse, Tyson Chandler Is A Knick

The deal is pretty much made. The ink is almost dry. It looks like the former Dallas Maverick center Tyson Chandler is heading to the Big Apple. Chandler has agreed to a four year, $58 million dollar deal with the New York Knicks. Now some Knicks fans that I know aren't very happy with this move. Some are elated with it. Well, I will say this deal has its positives and it negatives.

For all those fans that wanted Chris Paul instead of Chandler, there was no way the Knicks would be getting Chris Paul. The Hornets would have asked for more young pieces and draft picks than the Knicks have to offer via trade and the only way they could have got Chris Paul was to get a third team involved. Another way he would have went there is if he waited until next year to try and the Knicks would have not signed Chandler, which they did. With Chandler though, comes some bad realities for the Knicks. The Knicks more than likely will have to part ways with point guard Chauncey Billups. He will more than likely get waived via the amnesty clause. And another casualty of the Chandler deal will be backup power forward Ronny Turiaf. He will more than likely be headed to the Washington Wizards in a salary dump move. With the lose of Billups, the point guard position is now entrusted to the likes of Toney Douglas and rookie Iman Shumpert. Now if I'm the Knicks, that doesn't make me very comfortable. Also, with the loss of Turiaf, you lose your best big man off the bench to spell A'Mare when he needs a break.

Now with all the negatives, there's always some positives too. The Knicks were an offensive team last year. They really did not have a defensive presence on that team. Now with Tyson Chandler, he infuses a big, intimidating presence on the back line that protects the rim better than a lot of big men in the league. Another thing that the signing of Tyson Chandler does is move Amare Stoudemire to his natural position, power forward. This will allow Amare more of an advantage and allow him to not get so beat up going against opposing centers all year.

Hate it or love it, the deal is done and Chandler is there in the Big Apple. Only time will tell if the move will be in the best interest of the Knicks. In my opinion, I think a defensive mentality is needed in New York. And one player can change the culture. We just saw it from Chandler in Dallas and now he's trying to do that in New York. Should be interesting to watch.


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  1. Not sure if the money is worth it but I think Chandler is a great guy for their team. The fact that they have no PG is scary but that lane clogger and stopper in the middle is something the Knicks desperately need to compensate for Amare’s lack of defensive prowess. As you said, he made a huge difference in Dallas. I think it will be a lot harder in New York, but ya gotta start somewhere.

  2. Dallah Smith

    Get back to NewYork KnickerBlockerBasketball Knicks history is aim at Defensive teams that able to score with you on any given night I like the move NY hasn’t had a true center sense PatrickEwing should be great to watch NBA this year Knicks need to get a guard who pass and defend and make the open shot we she how the back court plays out

  3. Kareem Howard

    They’ll be fine depending on how much Tony Douglas has healed he cam provide them with a little experience. Plus they can alway sign an outsider to a one year deal. I’ve them a five or four seed at best.

  4. TF

    Billups has definitely been released using the Amnesty clause. Chandler is a good defensive pickup, but like you I don’t trust their backcourt to do the job without Billups.

    • Just heard some news that Mike Bibby agreed to the veteran’s minimum deal to play PG in New York.

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