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Everybody had been eagerly anticipating the debut of the new-look Miami Heat against the Boston Celtics. Well, everyone didn't get what they expected. The Heat scored 9 points in the first quarter and proceeded to lose the game to the Celtics. A lot of people are screaming about the loss and what happened, but what everyone missed is a change of leadership in Miami.

Everyone thought that Dwayne Wade was going to be the leader of this team since he was the elder statesman of the superstars on South Beach. Well, if you watched the game you noticed that the offense ran through one person and one person alone, LeBron James.

When the Heat got down by 18 points, LeBron began to assert himself and make plays. D Wade was on the bench and he seemed to not be in the flow all game. Bosh was largely ineffective because he couldn't hit his patented jump shot and he was also on the bench. LeBron took the "other guys" and he made a run. He brought the Heat to within 5 with his hustle and his play-making ability.

It is true that the Heat went on to lose the game, but the thing that I noticed is that the most assertive person on the court for the Heat was LeBron and he unquestionably will be the most important member of the Three Kings. I may not have agreed with how he handled his decision to go to Miami, but my view of him taking the easy way out last night changed. Maybe he went to Miami to make the Heat his team instead of joining D Wade's team. Just a thought for everyone out there. We shall see how everything pans out, but you can be assured that at the forefront of the success of the Heat will be LeBron James.

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  1. Valency

    Agree! Just curious as why you “may not” have agreed w/ how he handled his decision.

    • I think that he handled it all wrong. It was fine that he left, but to make it into a big spectacle like that wasn’t even needed. Just make your decision and leave, don’t turn it into an event like it was.

  2. Valency

    I guess I am looking at the end result….. $ for the kids (Boys and Girls Club).

    • That was the only good thing that came out of that fiasco.

  3. Valency

    I wouldn’t say it was a fiasco. Fiasco means utterly humiliating failure.
    He did not fail? I think in the end he should how closed mind our society is.

    • Explain what you mean by him showing how close-minded our society is.

    • I’m not mad he is with the Miami Heat now, just think he could have handled the situation better.

  4. Valency

    Society is moving into a new direction. I believe it was good Marketing on the NBA, LeBron James and Boys & Girls. NBA=$. I believe other players will attempt to do the same in the future.
    Keep up the good blogging.

    • I don’t see other players doing what he did, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  5. Valency


  6. Dan

    What you’re forgetting in ALL of this is that the “Three Kings” lost to an impressive Celtics team. A team that made it to the NBA Finals last season and only improved its personnel for this season. Miami may have James, Wade, and Bosch, but Boston has Garnett, Rondo, Pierce, Allen, O’Neil (x2), etc. Depth and experience will win the East this year.

    • Dan, it was only one game. Old age will be a factor towards the end of the season for them. Don’t be crazy enough to think that the Heat aren’t gonna factor into who wins the title this year. I personally don’t think the Celtics will have enough in the end.

      • Dan

        True, it was only one game and, yes, the Celtics do have older players. BUT, let’s not forget that they are the defending Eastern Conference Champions. They are the best until they are beaten in a playoff series. I never said that the Heat won’t factor into who wins the East this year, but don’t think that the C’s are done. They may have older players, but there’s a lot of them to carry each other through the season. On nights Garnett needs a breather, Shaq can play more and so on. Do I think the Heat will be around the top at the end of the season? Absolutely. Do I think they will fufill this supposed prophesy? Nope.

        • I honestly think the Heat will win the East this year. They will get it together by then end of the year. As far as the Celtics, they do have experience, but their age will catch up with them. I think that if they have to extend in the first series of the playoffs, then in the 2nd round they will run out of gas. I know they are the defending Eastern Conference champions, but the East isn’t as watered down as it was last year this year.

      • Dan

        No doubt, they’ll be a factor in the East. That being said, I think we should agree to disagree right now and reconvene this coming spring/summer and see who’s doing what.

        Great blog by the way.

        • Agreed. I think that the East is definitely the stronger conference this year. Who knows. We both could be wrong about who we have to win the East. We shall see.

          And thanks for the compliment on my blog.

  7. Kareem Howard

    If Miami plans on winning the championship, they need to give the team to Lebron, let D-Wade serve as the decoy to leave james open, and Chris Bosh focus solely on rebounds and block shots. Other than that, they’ll be fine. Last night was just an indication on who needs to get the ball on that respective team.

    • They actually need Bosh for scoring and rebounding. He isn’t a shot blocker. LeBron will be more of the Magic Johnson type player and D Wade will be the scorer and defender. The biggest hole for this team is they don’t have a physical big man in the post that they can throw the ball to and get easy baskets. Bosh is a jump-shooting big man. The post is another place where LeBron must develop his game. He is going to end up being their best post player.

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