An End To The Melo Drama

The Melo Sweepstakes is over. Carmelo Anthony was traded, finally, to New York in a deal that included a lot of moving pieces. Melo, along with PG Chauncey Billups, F Reynaldo Balkman, F Shelden Williams and G Anthony Carter got shipped to New York for F Danillo Gallinari, F Wilson Chandler, G Raymond Felton, C Timofey Mozgov, a 2014 1st round pick and 2 2nd round picks. A lot of Knick fans are rejoicing and screaming that this was a good move, but in my estimation, this is a means to an end.

With Melo there, the Knicks do have two capable scorers now, but there are some pressing issues that wil need to be addressed. Carmelo has never been known as a defensive player. Neither has Amar'e. I wonder who is going to play defense for this team? Your stars are supposed to be your leaders on defense, so there's a potential issue. And Knick fans will tell me that D'Antonio has never emphasized defense. That is true, but D'Antonio has never won in the Conference Finals either.

Another issue is neither Carmelo or Amar'e have ever been known to be assist guys. They are both scorers. So, who is going to give up shots so the other one can score too? This should be interesting watching them figure that out. And for Knicks fans, you're going to have to be patient while they figure that out.

Another point is when you look at this team how its constructed, there isn't any depth behind the starting 5 of the Knicks as they are currently constructed. If the starting 5 gets in foul trouble, then the Knicks will be in trouble. Who are they going to bring in? Toney Douglas, Bill Walker, Shelden Williams? That doesn't sound too comforting to me.

I know this trade was probably made for the future in hopes of going to get Chris Paul or Darren Williams in 2012, but in the meantime, I hope the Knicks are ready for a little more mediocrity. We will see if the Knicks fans are patient enough to wait on the contender to grow in the Big Apple. Only time will tell.

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  1. Its Phx east! Almost perfect for coach D minus Nash…oops that’s a BIG minus. Suns never played D either, I’m lookin for this team to have alotta Overs from here on

    • They may have that common thread and be Phoenix East but when has that style of play where you play no defense won? It never has for D’Antonio. Good regular season philosophy, but during the post-season and to win a championship, defense is needed.

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