All isn’t done for the Knicks

New York Knicks fans were hype going into this year's NBA lottery. They had a good chance of getting the first overall pick because of their record and they were hoping former Knick Patrick Ewing would bring them luck. As each pick was announced, the numbers kept going lower and lower with no mention of the Knicks, having them slide down into the top four of the 2019 Draft. At four, the Lakers were selected and there was even more hope they would get the first overall pick. Then, it happened. The Knicks were drawn as the team with the third overall pick this year. The hope for the first overall pick to draft Zion Williamson was over. At that point, there were Knicks fans that were upset and angry with them not getting the first overall pick and it's understandable. When a player the magnitude of Zion Williamson comes along, you want your team to get him. Unfortunately, it just did not turn out that way for the Knicks, but not all is going to be bad for them.

There were rumors out there that New York wasn't even going to keep the first overall pick if they got it to begin with. The rumor mill had them trying to use that pick to trade for the services of Anthony Davis, who is rumored to have the Knicks on his list of teams he would sign an extension to if traded. The deal would have included the first overall pick and the Knicks first-round pick last season, Kevin Knox, going to the Big Easy for the services of the star big man in New Orleans. While it all sounds good, the Knicks would be playing a game of chicken when it came to Davis because although he said he would be willing to sign an extension with the Knicks, there would be no guarantees he would sign the extension there because he would wait until the offseason and things and feelings always can change during the course of a season. The potential of being left high and dry isn't something the Knicks should do if in the end they could not have Davis long-term.

Another feeling the Knicks fans have to get over is that they will not get a good player with the third overall pick. Honestly, they will get a good one in this draft and it would be either Ja Morant of Murray State or RJ Barrett of Duke more than likely. Morant was a star this year playing the point guard position for Murray State. He can play off the ball as well, but at the point guard spot is where he really shined this season. If the Memphis Grizzlies select Barrett with the second pick, then Morant gives the Knicks the leader at the point guard position they have been craving for some time now along with a player that has enough swagger to handle the Big Apple. If the Grizzlies are to take Morant however, the Knicks would get a guy in Barrett that is talented but still growing as a player. He can play multiple positions as well as pass the basketball and he is a scorer. A little more work on his jump shot and he will be even more dangerous than he is currently. And with either pick, the Knicks would be a better team.

The sky is not falling in New York, contrary to popular demand. The Knicks just need to make sure to not pull any surprises on their fans this time around. The Knicks fans have been loyal and they deserve to see some sort of success sooner rather than later. This regime and their owner owe them to bring some success after so many seasons to forget.

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