A Further Review Of The Carmelo Anthony Trade To New York

When Carmelo Anthony went to New York, some Knick fans were suddenly very optimistic that they had the perfect player to compliment Amar'e and take them to new heights this year. For those who aren't familiar with the trade, Carmelo Anthony, PF Shelden Williams, SF Reynaldo Balkman, PG Anthony Carter and PG Chauncey Billups went to New York for SF Wilson Chandler, PG Raymond Felton, C Timofey Mozgov, F Danillo Gallinari and some 1st round picks. Well, upon further review, the Knicks aren't going to be ready to seriously compete this year. And as far as them making the playoffs, that may be in jeopardy as well.

When the Knicks made the trade, they were in 5th place in the East. They were playing very well and were poised to make a run. Then the trade happens. Heightened expectations came with the Carmelo trade, but what also came was less defense and not one but two ball-stoppers on the offensive end of the court. For those not familiar with what a ball-stopper is, imagine the ball moving flawlessly on the court until one player catches it and proceeds to go one-on-one. As a result of the deficiencies on the offensive and defensive ends, the Knicks have lost twice to the lowly Cavaliers and have slipped to 7th in the East and only one game above a .500. The momentum of Melo coming to New York has tappered off and the Knicks are now 7-7 with him.

The Nuggets were thought to be a team oin the verge of falling apart. They had a superstar that didn't want to be there and no matter what they say, it was affecting their team. Once the trade was made, it seems like the Nuggets now have new life. They have only lost twice since the trade and they are scoring as much, if not more than they were with Melo. The new pieces of Wilson Chandler and Raymond Felton have been especially effective, especially when the Nuggets go to their smaller lineup with Felton and PG Ty Lawson at the guards. This team could be dangerous in the Western Conference playoffs.

The lesson learned here is that team is more important than superstars. Now I'm not saying that Amar'e and Carmelo aren't great players, but superstars can't overcome bad team chemistry. Maybe over time this will get worked out for New York, but we will see if the superstars will decide to stand up and make change happen or continue to go along this same pattrn for years to come. For the Nuggets, they're young and will have a lot of money and draft picks next year, so the future will be bright.

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  1. Carlos D

    I think the Knicks will be ok. This year is not that important for the Knicks. They will be able to get better pieces in the offseason. They got the player they wanted and now they will have to just find the right pieces. Then with right players, ample practice time w/ training camp they will be a formidable team. By the way, Chris Paul will eventually be a Knick. The future is bright.

    • I’m not sure about Chris Paul heading there. The reason I say that is because there may be a hard salary cap that may hinder that move because of all the money tied up iun Carmelo and Amar’e. I think that Melo and Amar’e both have to lead on the offensive and defensive ends, not just on the offensive end. If Melo and Amar’e put more emphasis on the defensive end every night, I think that’s when they will take a huge step forward.

  2. If you read my thing a while ago I think you know how I feel about the whole Melo to the Knicks. With that being said, I still think it’s too early to tell if this was a good deal considering they are hoping to either get Paul or D-12. Zach Lowe on SI had an interesting read about the Knicks today if you wanna take a look at that. But overall I definitely agree with your assessment of the situation for sure 🙂

  3. Kareem Howard

    Well the problem will be more of the same until they resolve this issue during the postseason……THEY NEED A CENTER!!! Because they lack a true posting game, teams are forcing the Knicks to take outside shots which are good if they fall, but at times they can go cold and cause the other team to get easy rebounds. Plus they need to stop turning the ball over. I think D’Antoni style of offense need to slow down a bit before they shot shemselves in the foot.

    • They turn the ball over and that’s an issue, but consistent defensive effort is an issue because they don’t put out on the defensive end all the time. And as far as attacking the rim, you’re right, they don’t attack the rim enough and settle for too many jump shots.

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