It’s Been Past Fifteen Minutes For Tim Tebow

The spotlight is something is something that many are in these days. Some don't really love the spotlight while others crave it. Those that don't really care for it tend to do what they need to do and get out of the view of others. While those that crave the spotlight will do anything they can to stay in it. For example, reality television stars tend to pop up everywhere just to try to extend that fifteen minutes of fame. Just like reality stars, there are some athletes that just cannot take it when they are not in the spotlight. And one of those athletes just continues to keep popping up in headlines. His name is Tim Tebow. The inspirational quarterback was the star quarterback at Florida and played a huge part in them winning two national titles while he was there. In Denver, he was in the spotlight winning games despite not putting up impressive numbers. And after faded glory in Denver and a trade to the New York Jets, Tebow came back again to try and make it playing in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles. After all that was over and he did not make the Eagles roster, it was thought that Tebow would give it up and accept a great television career that awaited him. But again, Tebow has thrust himself in the athletic spotlight.

The current SEC Network analyst is now getting ready to take on a new challenge. But this time, the challenge is not football. Tim Tebow has decided against football and will now jump into trying to make it in baseball. Yes, you read correctly. Tim Tebow is trying to become a professional baseball player now. And he really thinks that he can do this. He even has guys like former baseball great Gary Sheffield saying that he was a natural after spending some time with him. Tebow, who has not played baseball since high school and Sheffield believes that if he is given time that he can make it. Of course, all this talk by Sheffield and others that believe in him comes from watching him work out. He has apparently been trying to work on his game for some time now and feels confident in his ability to make it as a professional baseball player. But he has to be aware of a few things and maybe one other guy that tried to do what Tebow is attempting.

Tim Tebow is not Michael Jordan. He never had that level of success in football that Michael Jordan did in basketball. But Jordan and Tebow are similar in a sense because they both tried baseball after not playing it in a long time. For Tebow, this is an effort to get back in the professional rings. But for Jordan, he left while at the top of the game. Even if both left under different circumstances, Tebow ought to take a look at the baseball career Jordan had. Arguably the greatest basketball player of all-time seemed like a fish out of water when trying to make it in professional baseball. He could barely hit the baseball at all and even though his fielding was solid, he was not a player that could have made it to the Major League level. For Tebow, hitting batting practice and hitting live pitching is two totally different things. I'm sure Jordan looked good hitting batting practice as well, but live pitching is a whole other subject. And for all the hitting that we have heard talked about with Tebow, we have yet to find out what position he can field.

Tebow may be thinking he can do this, but this whole scenario screams "look at me". And some minor league team could potentially give him a chance to play. But we all know that if he is signed, it will be more of a publicity stunt then it will be for real. Nice try Tebow, but your clock has expired on being a pro athlete. The clock is thirty minutes past time. Those fifteen minutes were up a while ago.

Tim Tebow

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  1. People have always been jealous of Tebow.Its part of who he is.Why not try your hand in baseball,i personally think he belongs in the NFL.I don’t believe everyone on an NFL roster is a better football player than Tebow.I also don’t think that every QB in the league is better than Tebow.Just look at some of the one’s on NFL rosters,please.I know if he was coming at some of these people that write nasty stuff about him for no real reason he would knock them into next week.They criticize him because they couldn’t live like him or be respectful the way he is.I don’t think he would shot someone or rape someone or traffic in drugs and lets throw murder in there also.He’s a humble guy that was a great college player.Most people that run him down couldn’t shine his shoes on or off the field.If for anything it makes an interesting story.In the end he is successful in life and will always be a good role model.

    • Mike Patton

      I don’t think my article has anything to do with jealousy. In fact, not very many people are even jealous of him or thinking about him honestly. But be the best analyst you can. That is his lane.

  2. Mike, you are such an ass! I bet you’d run from your own shadow. You’re the type of punk that picked on kids smaller than you, but when they grew up and became far more skilled in hand-to-hand tactics (than you’ll ever be) you avoided them (like the plague) at every turn (because you knew pay-back was going to be painful). Attacking someone via blog is a sissy’s way out. I am so through with punks like you. It seems you wussies sprout like weeds in the fields. And, there are too many fields to mow. I guess every dog doesn’t really have their day. There are just not enough caretakers for the fields. For the record, no rookie QB has ever accomplished what Tebow has. No training camp. No reps as a starter or 2nd string. No reviewing the playbook because of NFL lockout (and he would not cheat). No support from the entire coaching staff. No support from the GM. No support from anyone in the front office. Hated by his teammates except only a few. Taking a pathetic team (and franchise on hard times) from 1-4 to 8-5 only for the GM (Elway) to leak to the media (after Denver’s win over the Bears) they’ll be replacing their current QB with a new QB (next season) when there were still three games left to play. So the team was ordered to tank the last three games and ended up 8-8 with a Division Title. Then, win a playoff game over the #1 Defense in the league that hasn’t given up a 300 yard game passing (to any opponent) all year, and set several rookie records in that game! The Broncos put up 20 points in the first half of that game, keeping the Steelers off-guard by passing on early downs. But for some reason, in the second half, John Fox, Adam Gase and John Elway conspired to go away from the game plan (in the first half) that was successful to the game plan they (tried to) sabotage Tebow with during the season. Run on 1st, run on 2nd, pass on third down. They could blown out Pittsburgh! Instead, they almost blew that game, but we know the rest of the story. No bigger play has occurred in Demaryius Thomas’ career in his four years with Peyton “HGH” Manning that occurred with Tebow. Thomas was headed for being a bust, always injured, but Tebow made his career. Say whatever you want, but 14 games started with a record of 8-6. He is 1-1 in the postseason. He has 17 TDs passing. 12 TDs rushing and over 2400 yards passing and 989 yards rushing (11 yards shy of 1,000 yards rushing). Not including leading his team downfield to score (i.e., Running Backs, FGs). Haters gonna hate.

    • Mike Patton

      Glad to see you care. Have a nice day.

  3. The Tebow supporters are in fill effect. Lol

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