TSU vs Arkansas Photo Gallery

The TSU Lady Tigers versus the Arkansas Lady Razorbacks captured in pictures by Morgan McDaniel.


Asia Sims brings the intensity on the defensive end.

Lauren Elliot brings the ball into the frontcourt.

Taylor Roberts giving Arkansas players the business on her way to 23 points Friday night.

Tia Wooten focused on the task at hand.

Release, rotation and splash from Tia Wooten.

Jaden Wrightsell getting ready to handle business versus Arkansas.

Jaden Wrightsell getting instructions from Coach Kern.

The crossover is coming from Lauren Elliot.

Terrysha Banner diagnosing the Lady Razorbacks defense.

Tia Wooten scanning the defense.

Let 'em know Jaden. They don't want none.

Taylor Roberts getting ready to give the Lady Razorbacks the business again.

Taylor Roberts with a scoop to the hoop!

Taylor Roberts taking it to the hole strong!

Andreana Wrister focused on making things happen.

Cebria Outlow shooting two

Coaches and players locked in for battle.

Lauren Elliot is dialed in.


Coach Kern is focused and ready


The intensity is real with Coach Kern

Coach Kern is as active as they come on the sidelines

No pain no gain. Right Asia?

Huddling up while the floor general relays the message

Terrysha Banner and the Lady Tigers are fired up.

The TSU bench is fired up.

Coach Kern in deep thought

Coach Kern drawing up something nice!

They say the point guard is the extension of the coach.

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