The Missing Matchup: My Thoughts On The UCONN/ Tennessee Women’s Game That Didnt Happen.

Going into Monday night, I was the most pumped for women's basketball I had ever been in my life. Could it be that everyone's favorite matchup could happen again? The University of Tennessee Lady Vols were 60 minutes away from a possible matchup with their arch-nemesis,Connecticut, in the Final Four. Many thought the Lady Vols would come out and handle business against the Irish of Notre Dame and bring an early Christmas for all women's college basketball fans. Well, I guess we have to wait until next year.

The Lady Vols lost to Notre Dame in the Elite Eight, extinguishing any chance that we will see Geno vs. Pat again. The Lady Vols didn't play very well in the Elite 8 in two areas. They had an advantage inside with F Glory Johnson and C Kelly Cain, but they took too many outside shots instead of punishing the smaller Irish team inside. The Vols also did not win the lose ball battle. Usually the team that gets the hustle points and makes the hustle plays wins the game.

The Connecticut Lady Huskies handled their business and blew out the Duke Lady Blue Devils. The reigning women's Player of the Year Maya Moore did her usual and owned the court along with her teammates. I must admit, this UConn team isn't as talented as teams in year's past, but what they don't have in talent, they do have in hard work, grit and shooting. I may not be a fan of Geno Auriemma the person, but he has done a good coaching job with his team this year.

UConn and the Lady Vols used to play all the time until the series was abruptly ended. Speaking for all fans of the game, we miss the matchup every year. I personally wish it would come back. I think women's basketball needs it. Even though teams like Baylor, Oklahoma and Duke have come more into the national spotlight of women's college basketball, they fail in comparison to the buzz that's created when Pat's on one sideline coaching the Lady Vols and Geno's on the other side coaching the Huskies. I know I'm hoping against hope, but I'm really wanting to see these two women's basketball juggernauts play every year like they used too. Pat, Geno, you're both on the clock. Get this issue resolved as soon as possible! Your sport needs your rivalry back.

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  1. It would have been nice to see that matchup, but Womens B-Ball needs some Butler and VCU. I couldn’t believe the score of the UConn/Duke game; when I saw that it made me wonder when women’s college basketball will achieve some sense of parity and competitive balance. 75-40 is a ridiculous score for an elite eight game, especially one that includes a 1st and 2nd seed.

    I did some research to determine if this score is indicative of lack of parity or just an exception. There were some mixed results that were also somewhat surprising.

  2. James Rutherford

    I personally think the rivalry will continue sooner than later considering Maya Moore is a senior and she was the root to the problem. Pat accused Geno of recruiting violations.Tennessee played terribly against Notre Damn,early foul trouble,turnovers, missed shots and they failed to get the ball to there bigs not mention all the easy baskets they gave up in the paint. If you look at the box scores it is clear how bad the Lady Vols played,

    • I don’t think its just as simple as Maya Moore leaving for them to get the series back going. Its personal between Pat and Geno.

  3. It doesn’t continue because Geno is a wuss and doesn’t wanna lose! He wants to win 100 games in a row with minimal competition

  4. Debbie

    Pat is the one who endede the rivalry, not Geno. Geno is not afraid of pat or Tennessee.

    • True, Pat is the one who ended the rivalrly, but I think things could be done to resume it.

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