Don’t Cry For Me

August 23rd, 2011 had some big happenings. First, there was an earthquake in Virginia that was felt in places like New York and Philadelphia. Second, there was a tremor from the collective shock of Pat Summitt announcing that she has early onset dementia. I don't think anyone could have seen any of these two occurrences happening. I certainly didn't see it coming.

Pat has been a staple at UT and in women's college basketball. She is the winningest coach in college basketball, has 8 national championships and has coached players like Candace Parker to greatness. But the thing that has defined Pat more than anything is her toughness. In a time where women's basketball wasn't the most popular, Pat made it important. She took the women's game on her back to make way for all the coaching stars in women's sports like Tara VanDerveer and Kim Mulkey-Robinson. She made it a point to stand out at a time when not many women stood out. So, why should we expect her not to stand up and be tough in this situation?

Pat grew up on a farm and knew what toughness was and personified it daily. I expect Pat to take this battle head-on, like any other challenge she has ever taken on. She has said that she will not stop coaching during this time. She will undoubtedly have to depend on long-time assistants Holly Warlick, Dean Lockwood and Mickie DeMoss to handle more responsibilities. But, in typical Pat Summitt fashion, she doesn't want our sympathy. She just wants the focus to be on her team and on her players. Pat Summitt is truly a class act and I believe she will continue to have a profound impact on basketball.

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  1. I like this good stuff man keep doing what your doing, Pat Summit without a doubt is the greatest coach in Women’s Basketball history. Geno is a very close second with what he has done with the program at UCONN!!, but yea Pat Summit took the womens game put it on her back and made it an icon and she put her stamp on the UT Women’s sports program and all of college basketball

  2. Lee Love

    Pat Summit is a classy person and a fighter…she will tackle this head on and continue to be the force she is in the Womens game and set an example in the world in general. Her family, friends and extended family of UT will provide the circle of motivation she will have to deal with this, Games not over!

  3. Pat is a fighter and nothing can or will take her down! She has the heart and spirit of a champion!+
    Great work as always Mike!

  4. scotty rachel

    This announcement was a big surprise 4 me.But knowing Pat she will persevere 4 as long as she can b4 she has 2 retire.Pat is a classy & strong women & im sure she will b prepared 4 what the future holds 4 her.My heart & thoughts go out 2 her.

  5. 7Boss1

    I’m no fan of womens basketball in no way shape or form but I have the utmost respect for Pat Summit and I wish her the best

  6. Jay

    Glad to see you write an article on Pat Summit. A lot of men do not follow Women’s College basketball and it surprised me when you mentioned Tara VanDerveer and Kim Mulkey-Robinson. These women are icons in the game. Keep up the good work and the diversity. I would like to see some articles on the WNBA. The playoffs are approaching =)

    • I’ll see what I can come up with for the WNBA playoffs.

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