The Everyday Mailbag- 9/13/11

The NFL and The Everyday Mailbag have one thing in common: excitement and unpredictableness. Without further adieu, here's the Everyday Mailbag for this week!!!

Q: Which Titan had the best performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars other than WR Kenny Britt?
-Ricky M., Nashville, TN

A: Other than that last play of the game, QB Matt Hasselbeck had a pretty good performance. The first half was just awful, but in the second half, he and Britt were the offense.

Q: Why is MLB getting pass on not letting players wear 9/11 hats?
-Lyorant T., Nashville, TN

A: I'm not sure. I thought that the MLB made a terrible decision. I think that you should never be told that you cannot express your patriotism. Media should have taken them to task, but, like usual, the media is selective.

Q: Do you believe Peyton Manning's career might actually be over?
-Ken L., Silver Valley, NC

A: I think it could possibly be game over for Manning. Neck/Back surgery and nerves are a serious issue. And the thing is, you never get over them. These problems always linger and for a football player, especially a QB who's gonna take some hits from the blindside, back/neck issues aren't things you can get over like a sprained ankle or a broken bone.

Q: Cam Newton surprised lots of folks with the way he came out the gate in his first NFL game. Can he keep that up?
-Lee L., Chicago, IL

A: I think that Cam had a good game, but he was playing against one if the worst passing defenses in the NFL. We will truly see how good he is when he does that against a good defensive team.

Q: What did we learn Saturday Night? Either Notre Dame stinks, Michigan doesn't, or they both still stink?
-JW, Lafayette, IN

A: We learned that neither team has a good defense. Both defenses folded under the pressure and couldn't make the game-ending play. And we also learned that Notre Dame is overrated. They have lost to a rebuilding South Florida team and a Michigan team that couldn't stop anyone last year.

Q: What happened to Serena Williams game in the Finals of the US Open? She played terrible,considering she dominated every opponent until the Finals.
-James R, Nashville, TN

A: Pressure make diamonds and pressure busts pipes. And apparently, the pressure of the moment got to Serena and she folded under it.

Q: Where are the Americans (men) in the U.S. Open?
-Lyorant T. , Nashville, TN

A: The reason for no American men representing well in the U.S. Open is because there is not a focus on tennis in this country. The focus is more on football, basketball and baseball. So, consequently, the work isn't put in for American men to be good in tennis.

Thanks for the questions everyone! And remember, if you have sports questions, I have answers!

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  1. Scary thought to think that Peyton’s career might be over. Nice Mailbag, I’ve been wanting to have one on my blog but I thought I might not have enough questions and it might be copying.

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