The Everyday Mailbag-7/19/11

Its back! No, not the NFL. At least not yet. Its time for the Everyday Mailbag to strike again! Let's see what the Sports World wants to know!!!

Q: ‎​Don Nelson is rumored to want to be the new coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves. What are your feelings on that?
-Dallah S., Manhattan, NY

A: I think that this would be a bad scenario for Don Nelson to walk into. Nelson is a coach that has traditionally liked veteran players, so for him to come coach a young team would wear his patience thin. And this team does not have very much potential to win, considering its current roster. On another note, it would be entertaining to see him try though.

Q: Do you believe the NFL strikes a deal this week?
-Jeremy W., Winnepeg, Canada

A: I believe they will. They have come to agreement on the years on veteran free agency and on a rookie pay scale and those were big hurdles to overcome. Only a matter of time and the time will be this week.

Q: Why can't sports media members and fans give credit to the other team instead of blaming their team?
-Russ G., Walpole, MA

A: The reason why is because we all see things a different way as people in general. Some may feel that a team seized it opportunities and earned the victory. Some may feel that a team gave away the win by crumbling under the pressure. Its all in the eye of the beholder and in most media's eyes, they're going to see that the team crumbled instead of giving all credit to the other team or they will see a combination of the team crumbling and the winning team seizing its opportunity.

Q: Assuming a CBA by Friday, Titans will have to deal quickly with their own FA's. Who gets offered?
-Chuck F., Mt. Juliet, TN

A: If you look at the season the Titans had last year, I don't think they will really go after any of their own free agents to be honest. Tulloch is gone. They made that evident in the draft. He's their biggest free agent in my opinion.

Q: When is Frank McCourt going to surrender the dodgers to MLB?
-Jesse Z, Los Angeles, CA

A: McCourt isn't going to surrender the Dodgers to Major League Baseball. Baseball is going to have to wrestle away control from McCourt. This could go into September or the off-season.

Q:Where will Chad Ochocinco play after lockout?
-Dallah S., Manhattan, NY

A: I think that Chad will be one of two places. Chad will either be back in Cincinnati next year or he will be playing for the New England Patriots next year.

Q: Will there be a more intense sporting event this year than the WWC Final?
-Erin H., Hermitage, TN

A: I don't think there will be but the good thing about sports is that we learn to expect the unexpected. I wouldn't be shocked if I'm proven wrong and we do have a more intense sporting event this year.

Q: Who will be the next American golfer to win a major?
-Ricky K., Staten Island, NY

A: To be honest, I think the next American golfer to win a major will be Phil Mickelson. Lefty can't keep struggling like he has down the stretch of the majors. He will eventually come through in the clutch again.

Q: How will Bud Selig handle the Dodger situation?
-Joey K., Los Angeles, CA

A: ‎​Bud Selig and MLB will be taking over the Dodgers until a suitable owner is found. This will be just like the Expos situation except the team will not be moving.

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