The Everyday Mailbag-7/13/11

Another week brings another exciting round of sports questions. Let's see what the Sports World wants to know!!

Q: ‎​How many NBA superstars do you see going overseas if the lockout continues?
-Joey K., Los Angeles, CA

A: I don't see very many going overseas. I think they're just talking right now and most of them that will go over there will have opt-outs in their contracts to come back to the states if the NBA restarts.

Q: Is this year's ‎​women's USA soccer team greater than last USA World Cup team?
-Dallah S, Manhattan, NY

A: ‎​This year's women's soccer team is good, but to compare them to the likes of Mia Hamm and the gang isn't even fair at all. Hamm and the crew would dominate them.

Q: Could the lockout and possible exodus of players to Europe cause a divide between upper & lower tier players? European teams will want stars, not scrubs.
-Brian H., New Orleans, LA

A: I think the lockout will not cause a divide between players who play in Europe and those who decide to stay. I think each player has to do what they feel is in their best interests, so players will understand if Europe is the option for some of them.

Q: When do you think the NBA Lockout will end?
-Derrel J., New York, NY

A: The lockout will end close to the start of the season. October in my estimation.

Q: Since the WNBA has proven itself financially inept, what purpose does the NBA gain by sustaining its existence besides faux populism?
-William L., Sliver Valley, NC

A: The NBA really doesn't gain anything, but I don't blame the WNBA for that. I blame the NBA because they haven't actively tried to market and help the WNBA until this year. Sadly, I don't know how much longer the WNBA can survive.

Q: Will the NFL and the NFLPA sign a new CBA before July 21?
-Steven H., Westbury, NY

A: I think that they will, if they don't, it could mean trouble. I think the big thing here is that neither side wants to lose money, so the season will start on time.

Q: Where are we mostly likely to see Kobe Bryant play next year? USA or China?
-Ricky K., Staten Island, NY

A: We will see Kobe playing in the NBA next year. I think that he's just throwing that stuff out there about playing overseas. I think its all a bluff.

Q: With another fan almost falling from stands at HR derby, is it time for serious action and what can be done?
-Bobby C., Sacramento, CA

A: I don't know if any action can be taken to stop fans from reaching out to get foul balls and HR balls. The only thing I can think of is maybe putting a net under the upper decks to catch fans in case of accidents like fans falling from the stands.

Q: Who do you think is the perfect fit for Plaxico Burress?
-Dallah S., Manhattan, NY

A: ‎​I didn't see the fit for Plaxico in Philly at first, but I now see the need for him because of the need for a consistent receiver with good hands that runs precise routes in Philly. Jackson and Maclin are fast receivers, but they don't run precise routes. Plax could school them on route-running and help the Eagles passing game. Now this is all based on the Plax that we saw before his jail time. If he returns to that form, the Eagles offense could be even more dangerous.

Q: Any thoughts on the Wolves finally firing Kurt Rambis? Who do you think they need to employ now?
-Mike, Waldorf, MD

A: I think the way they strung out Rambis was just awful. Why not just let him go before the NBA Draft? I think the Timberwolves front office handled this situation badly. In regards to who the Timberwolves will hire, at first I had heard that University of Washington coach Lorenzo Romar was in the mix, but now I'm hearing that the Wolves are looking at Bernie Bickerstaff to coach the team. Bickerstaff is a well-respected assistant who has NBA head coach experience. Another rumor that's being talked about is Don Nelson wanting to come out of retirement to coach this team. I think that rumor won't come to fruition.

Thanks to everyone for their questions! And remember, if you have sports questions, I have answers!

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  1. Im hoping Don Nelson chooses too come back!

  2. 7Boss1

    You really put a lot of time and effort into answering each question and I give u big props for that

  3. I agree and think alot of these NBA players are playing poker right now and its all bluffs.

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