The Everyday Mailbag- 4/12/11

The NBA and NHL playoffs start this week and just like the playoffs, the playoffs, the Everyday Mailbag is a journey into the unknown. Let's find out what America and Canada want to know!

Q: What higher seed is most likely to be upset in the NBA playoffs?
-Jeremy W., Winnepeg, Canada

A: If the standings stay the way they are currently, I would say that Oklahoma City has a big chance to be upset by Denver and Dallas would be the most likely be upset by the Portland Trailblazers. Now do I see both happening? No. But these are the best possibilities to me.

Q: Would you agree that this "One & Done" stuff in basketball is getting pretty old?
-Kareem H., Nashville, TN

A: I don't think its getting old. Its just become the new norm these days because of the rules set forth by the NBA.

Q: Who would consider the ideal pick for the Titans at No. 8 if that person was still available?
-Gehtahn W., Antioch, TN

A: I think the Titans should draft Cam Newton. Now will he be available at that pick in reality? No. And even if he was, I don't think the Titans would pick him, but if he was available, they should.

Q: Which NBA teams could benefit the most from the Morris brothers?
-Kareem H., Nashville, TN

A: It would be great if they could be packaged to one team n but unfortunately, they have to be split up. I think one of them could help the Heat. The Heat need a young post presence that's physical. And the other team that could use a Morris twin is the Suns. They need another physical post player to go along with Gortat. Plus, both Morris twins have range, so they would be able to stretch the floor as well.

Q: What is the new groove rule in golf ?
-James R., Nashville, TN

A: Basically the narrowing of the grooves will now punish more players for bad shots and make it even harder on players when they don't hit the fairways. Basically, you have to be more accurate with your long drives towards the greens.

Q: Do you honestly see Denver as a serious contender for the NBA championship this year?
-Kareem H., Nashville, TN

A: No, but they are a dangerous team. Whoever they matchup with in the 1st round will have fits and if they make the next round, they are gonna be trouble.

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  1. Peter King of MMQB said that Carolina is seriously considering Newton at #1 and Gabbert is falling off the board for people cuz he doesn’t have that “wow” factor that teams want out of a franchise quarterback. I think if either Gabbert or Newton fell to Tennessee they’d be wise to take him but with Newton especially I guess the Titans don’t want to go down that road of another possible Vince Young. Good piece again man.

    • I think that Newton and Young are two different QBs. Newton is light years ahead of where VY when he was getting ready to come into the NFL. I think Gabbert will be in the mix for a Top 10 pick. Most of the time when there’s negative talk about a player, it means that one team has started that negativity so that they can pick that player.

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