The Everyday Mailbag- 3/8/11

This week brought some great sports action. Well, along with great action comes great questions. Let's see what America wants to know!

Q: Do you feel that the overall image of the NBA has changed since Michael Jordan retired?
-Kareem H., Nashville, TN
A: I definitely think the overall image of the NBA has changed. The NBA isn't as popular as it used to be since Jordan retired. He took the league to new heights in terms of marketability when he was playing and I don't think today's NBA could ever reach those heights again.

Q: How much damage did Spoelstra do to himself with respect to his players by outting the guys crying in the locker room?
-Michael C., Las Vegas, NV

A: I think it all depends on the context of how it was taken by his players, but for me personally, what happens in house stays in house and I don't think he should have even put that bit of knowledge out there. I wouldn't be very happy if my coach told the media that.

Q: Today's Miami Heat vs. the Miami Heat of the late 90s. Who would prevail?
-Kareem H., Nashville, TN

A: I would say the Heat of the 90's would prevail because that team was a tough, stingy team on defense and they had Alonzo Morning in his prime. He would abuse the new-look Heat in the post.

Q: Do u think Blake Griffin should have won the Slam Dunk contest?
-Marquez C., Nashville, TN
A: No. I thought Serge Ibaka and Demar Derozan both got raw deals. O think the NBA wanted him to win.

Q: Do you feel that the Center position in basketball has fell by the wayside?
-Kareem H., Nashville, TN

A: In terms of having to have a dominating center to score yes, but the importance of the center position will always be there. For example, the Lakers have Andrew Bynum, they win 2 championships. The Celtics have Kendrick Perkins, they win a championship. Dwight Howard always makes Orlando a threat. If you're meaning just centers in the league period, I would say yes because so many big guys aren't even classified as centers anymore. For example, Dirk Nowitzski is a 7 foot forward w/ guard-like skills and Danillo Gallinari is a 7 foot 3 point shooter.

Q: ‎​Who should take the last shot for Miami, LeBron or Dwade?
-Gabe B., Antioch, TN

A: ‎​D Wade should take the last shot based on his track record over his career of being clutch in clutch moments.

Q: What's your take? Should the Heat push the panic button?
-David D., Murfreesboro, TN

A: They don't need to hit the panic button as much as they need to hit the urgency button. They need to learn how to close games down the stretch and they need to learn in a hurry.

Q: ‎​Is Chris Bosh overpaid?
-Gabe B., Antioch, TN

A: Bosh is a good player but he was the only option in Toronto, so of course he was going to have outstanding numbers. I think his numbers made people think he was better than he really is. I'm not saying he isn't a good player, but is he a max contract player? No.

Q: Are the Lakers playing rope a dope with the rest of the league?
-Corey J., Antioch, TN

A: I think they coasted for a while, but now they are focused and ready and that's dangerous for the rest of the NBA. So, to answer your question, Muhammad Ali would be proud of the Laker's rope a dope.

Q: Which teams have the most to lose from an NFL lockout?
-Cyrus P., New York, NY

A:Two teams have the most to lose. The 49ers have a lot to lose because they really didn't tender anyone going into the CBA negotiations. They will have to scramble to sign many of their own players after the new CBA is signed, let alone trying to get the free agents that are out there. The Bengals have a lot of holes to fill offensively so they will be in scramble mode also. They also have to make a decision on Carson Palmer, so they are looking at a busy time when the CBA is renewed.

Q: ‎​Is Carlos Boozer living up to the hype?
-Gabe B., Antioch, TN

A: Carlos Boozer has done what they asked him to do, be a low post presence. He's averaging a double-double, so he's doing his job.

Q: Who has a better shot to win it all, the Bulls or the Heat?
-Cyrus P., New York, NY

A: I think the Heat have the advantage in star power with Wade and LeBron. But with that being said, I think the Bulls have the advantage in three categories. The Bulls are a better rebounding team, as evident by them outmuscling Miami on the boards Sunday. The Bulls also have a stronger bench unit. PF Taj Gibson, C Omer Asik, PG CJ Watson, G/F Ronnie Brewer and G/F Kyle Korver give the Bulls defense, shooting and energy. And lastly, the Bulls have better PG play with Derrick Rose. The Bulls have the better chance to win it all.

Q: Who is the MVP of the NBA this year?
-Cyrus P., New York, NY

A: I think Chicago Bulls PG Derrick Rose is the MVP. He has carried the Bulls through the injuries of Joakhim Noah and Carlos Boozer this year. He has been the focus of opposing defenses all season and still gets his numbers in a winning effort. And another thing, he is the only player in the NBA averaging 25 points and 8 assists per game.

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