The Everyday Mailbag- 2/22/11

Another week brings another group of good and interesting questions! Let's see what America wants to know!!!

Q: Whats up with the comments of former Florida head coach Urban Meyer referring to other schools in the SEC and why he thought he didn't want 2 compete against that?
-David D., Murfreesboro, TN

A: I understand what he said, but the message is coming from the wrong person. He's had 31 players arrested while he was at Florida, so he's the same rogue coach he was talking about. The SEC coaches do recruit at all cost, but these are the things that make these programs great and make the SEC the most hated yet great conference in the nation.

Q: Is Nebraska's victory over Texas enough to push them into the NCAA tournament?
-Nic R., Lenexa, KS

A: I think the win actually put them on the bubble for the tournament. Before that win, they weren't on my tournament radar to be honest. So, no the victory over Texas wasn't enough to put Nebraska in the NCAA tournament.

Q: What are the pressing issues for the new NBA CBA?
-Cyrus P., New York, NY

A: The pressing issues with the new collective bargaining agreement are length of contracts and money that owners are supposedly losing. The owners want to shorten the contract lengths and also lessen the amount of money per year. What the players are wanting is for the owners to show them how this is happening so that a resolution can be come to. The issue is the owners won't give that information up. Another thing being discussed is a possible franchise tag in the NBA.

Q: Is this one of the worst NBA draft classes ever?
-Cyrus P., New York, NY

A: I wouldn't say its the worst draft class, but if by worst you mean no stars that will be in the draft, then this is the worst draft class.

Q: What's your definition of an MVP?
-Kareem H., Nashville, TN

A: My definition of an MVP is the most indispensable person on a winning team. The difference-maker. Someone who, if he/she wasn't on the team, the team would lose and have a significantly different record without.

Q: What OTHER NBA trades would you like to see happen?
-Kareem H., Nashville, TN

A: Well, besides the Carmelo trade, I would like to see the Rockets' Courtney Lee get traded to the Bulls and the Bobcats' Stephen Jackson traded to a contender like Dallas.

Q: Given that a huge majority of the Denver Nuggets have expiring contracts, which teams would best fits each of them should they not renew their contracts this season?
-Kareem H., Nashville,TN

A: J.R. Smith- The Bulls or Hornets would be a good fit for him. They could use his scoring punch at the SG spot.
NeNe Hilario- Houston or Golden State could use him for low post scoring.
Kenyon Martin- I really can't see him helping a playoff team down the stretch.

Q: Who is the first Black quarterback to play at the University of Tennessee ? And what did he accomplish?
-James R., Nashville, TN

A: The first black QB at the University of Tennessee was Condredge Holloway and he led UT to three bowl appearances from 1972-1974 and he went on to star in the Canadian Football League. He was named MVP of the CFL in 1982 and won the championship the following year with the Toronto Argaunauts.

Q: How does the East shape up now that Camelo and Chauncey Billups are in NY? Will the Knicks be contenders or pretenders?
-David D., Murfreesboro, TN

A: The East won't change up too much in my opinion. The Bulls, Celtics, Heat and Magic will still be the Top 4 teams. The only changes will be in the lower 4. The Knicks would be the 2nd best team of that bunch. Ultimately, I think the Knicks will be pretenders with Carmelo and Billups. Next year will have to be their time to make a move in the East. It will be interesting to see how patient the New York fans will be.

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