The Everyday Mailbag-12/27/10

Here's the latest questions that America has this week!

Q: If the Titans decide to part ways with Vince Young, what are the chances that they will draft Cam Newton this upcoming April? And does he make a good fit with the team?
-Kareem H., Nashville, TN

A: There isn't much of a chance they will draft Cam Newton because Newton won't fall that far to them. And I think he would make a better fit that VY would because he actually can throw the ball with accuracy and touch more consistently than VY and he can read a defense better than VY can at this stage in his career. And he also has something right now that VY hasn't shown to us yet, mental toughness.

Q: What's up with the Tennessee men's basketball team losing to unranked opponents yet they have defeated ranked opponents?
-James R., Nashville, TN

A: They always do this. I come to expect this to happen every year. And just like they have in the past, they will pick it up when it gets near tournament time. The component that has been missing the last 3 games has been Scotty Hopson. He hasn't scored with the consistency that he had in the previous games. If he doesn't play well, they don't win.

Q: Agree or Disagree.....J. Nelson will be sacrificed for a big man before the trade deadline?
-Kareem H., Nashville, TN

A: Disagree. Nelson is part of their core. Trade him and u then lose points off the bench in Arenas and u also become very weak at the PG slot.

Q: Is New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin fired?
-David D., Murfreesboro, TN

A: He definitely will be soon I think. His teams are facing the reputation of not being able to finish and that isn't a good thing.

Q: Whats up wit the NFL coaches on the chopping block? Any news on firings that are coming?
-Rod S., Murfreesboro, TN

A: John Fox is out as Carolina coach at the end of the year and its being said that after this last weekend of the regular season, Dolphins coach Tony Sporano and Texans coach Gary Kubiak will be gone as well.

Q: What are your top 12 softest players in the NBA? has their list as follows:

1. Vince Carter
2. Adam Morrison
3. Andrea Bargnani
4. Sasha Vujacic
5. Eddy Curry
6. Yi Jianlian
7. Chris Kaman
8. Anderson Varejao
9. Gilbert Arenas
10.Greg Oden
11. Rashard Lewis
12. Channing Frye
-Kareem H., Nashville,TN

A: I cannot agree with the inclusion of Adam Morrison, Eddy Curry and Greg Oden on their list because they haven't played enough in the last few years to even be included. Kaman and Varajao shouldn't even be included on this list. They are both hard-nosed, hard playing guys. I definitely can't agree with Arenas either. I can't give you a Top 12, but I can give you a Top 5. Here's my Top 5:

1. Channing Frye (Phoenix Suns)- To be 7'0" tall, he spends more time on the perimeter than anyone on the Suns team. Its a shame that he can shoot better than he can rebound.
2. Rashard Lewis (Washington Wizards)- He is another 6'10 guy who just doesn't get it. He ought to be abusing folks with his combination of size and skill. Instead, when he gets pushed a little bit, he cowers away.
3. Sasha Vujacic (New Jersey Nets)- He tries to act like a tough guy, but he is one of the biggest flopper in the NBA.
4. Yi Jianlian (Washinton Wizards)- I personally can't stand to watch him play. He does nothing and gets abused all the time.
5. Vince Carter (Phoenix Suns)- I think he has gotten softer and slower every year.

Q: Is Devin Hester the greatest kickoff & punt returner in NFL history ?
-James R., Nashville, TN

A: Yes he is. Anytime you can return 14 combined punt and kickoff returns with teams kicking away from you and limiting your return chances, you are the greatest returner in NFL history. And the even greater thing is that Lovie Smith took him off returning punts for a while so he wouldn't get worn out doing that and playing receiver.

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