The Everyday Mailbag- 12/21/11

The week was certainly entertaining in sports. And I know with all the entertainment, some great questions are also birthed as well. Without further adieu, here is this week's Everyday Mailbag!

Q: Will Urban Meyer's successes in recruiting in the south put pressure on SEC coaches?
-James R., Nashville, TN

A: I don't think that Meyer will put recruiting pressure on the South more than what pressure is already on each and every Southeastern Conference coach already. Sure, Urban will get some kids from the South to go Ohio State, but I don't think he will get enough of them to threaten SEC schools.

Q: Why hasn't the head coach of the Chicago Bears, Lovie Smith, been fired?
-James R., Nashville, TN

A: I believe Lovie has done a good job with what he's been given. I don't think he deserves all the blame for his team's production on the field. Also, Lovie doesn't pick the players on the team, the GM does. But, like always, the coaches get too much credit for wins and too much blame for loses.

Q: What other pieces are needed to make the L.A. Clippers a legit contender?
-Kareem H., Nashville, TN

A: What the Clippers need is good big man to come in off the bench and give them good minutes, rebounding and possibly some scoring. The Clippers also need a backup combo guard/forward that can backup Caron Butler, who is coming off a serious knee injury.

Q: Should rookie Cam Newton be a pro bowler?
-James R., Nashville, TN

A: I think Cam Newton has put up tremendous numbers this season. Definitely Pro Bowl worthy numbers. I don't think anyone expected the numbers he put up this year.

Q: Who are you for in the East and who you got on Christmas Day, the Lakers or Bulls?
-Jason J., Memphis, TN

A: I think that the race in the East comes down to the Bulls and the Heat again. The addition of Rip Hamilton does help make the Bulls better, but its hard to go against LeBron and D Wade in year two of the Heatles. My heart says Chicago, but my mind says Miami. I think that's a toss up on whichever team wins the East. And as far as the game on Christmas Day, I believe that the Bulls have the more sound team and they will win in Los Angeles.

Thanks for the questions and remember, if you have sports questions, I have answers!


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  1. JW

    Cam Newton as a Pro Bowl QB…Let’s break that down:

    First off, I admit I didn’t buy this guy at first, but he is a legit NFL quarterback. But do the numbers really paint the picture of him as an elite NFL QB. I don’t think so.

    1) Completion Percentage (out of QBs with at least 400 attempts) 59.6% – 12th, and only better than Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco, Colt McCoy, and Mark Sanchez.

    2) Touchdown Passes – 17, ranking him 13th. Even if you add rushing TDs for all QBs, Newton still only ties with Tony Romo.

    3) Passing Yards – Granted, he’s racked up some interesting numbers here, but now this stat may be as over-rated as batting average. Much like a guy who drives in 120 runs is more valuable than a guy who hits .330, a guy who throws 30 TD passes is more valuable than a guy who throws for 3,000 yards. Not to mention, look at the overall inflation of passing yardage this season, thanks in part to the fact that defense is essentially illegal in the NFL now. Go look at how many QBs have thrown for 300 yards in a game and lost this season. And even after all that, Newton still only ranks 9th.

    4) Turnovers – 16 interceptions (5th worst in the league). Doesn’t get any better when you tack on two lost fumbles.

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