The Everyday Mailbag-1/18/12

Welcome back everyone! The Everyday Mailbag is back folks! And I've got some great questions! Without any further adieu, here are this week's questions!

Q: Will the Jets Mark Sanchez survive another year?
-James R., Nashville, TN

A: I don't think he does. Next year could quite possibly be it for him in New York because with him at QB, I don't think they will ever be a team that will threaten you on a consistent basis in the passing game. Now he does have all next year to prove me wrong, but I don't know if I see Sanchez doing that.

Q: ‎​Will Donovan McNabb be in the NFL next season?
-Joey K., Los Angeles, CA

A: I will say this, if Kyle Boller is still playing in the NFL, then McNabb should be too. But I just have a feeling McNabb will be on a pre-game show for some network next year.

Q: Should Locker sit another year behind Hasselbeck or should there be open competition for the starting position next season?
-Getahn W., Nashville, TN

A: I think that it would surprise me if Locker gets a chance to be the starting QB. At one point, I did say that you keep Hasselbeck to be a backup QB next year, but in retrospect, I will say that Hasselbeck will start next year unless things get bad. If that happens, Locker will be the starter.

Q: Who is the Rookie of the Year so far in the NBA?
-Tiffany P., Antioch, TN

A: To me, its between Ricky Rubio and Norris Cole right now. Both are PGs and both have made both of their teams better and been very important in the success of their teams. Another guy that deserves some Rookie of the Year mention is Knicks G Iman Shumpert. He has been playing pretty well so far this year.

Q: Give me your top 5 draft picks and what the Steelers and the Cowboys need for next year. I think defensive back help is needed for both teams.
-Lyorant T., Antioch, TN

A: Well, I will say that it's a little early for the Top 5 picks, but the guys that will definitely be in the Top 5 are Alabama RB Trent Richardson, Stanford QB Andrew Luck and USC OT Matt Khalil. Other than these three, I believe Baylor QB Robert Griffin III or LSU CB Morris Claiborne will be cracking the Top 5 as well, but that's not a guarantee for these two purely based on what teams need. One position that you mentioned for Pittsburgh and Dallas to look at in the draft was defensive back. I think that the more pressing need for Pittsburgh is offensive line help. Then they need to get a DB after that. As far as Dallas, they need help at all levels of their defense, not just the defensive backfield.

Q: What's going on the with the Lady Vols subpar play this year?
-James R., Nashville, TN

A: I think this answer is two-fold. The Lady Vols don't get as much talent that they used to get because there are many other viable programs out there across the country. The second factor is that Pat Summitt isn't exactly the same person on the sidelines. I'm not trying to downgrade or talk bad about Patt Summitt. I think she's one of the greatest coaches to ever coach, male or female. But, it just seems like she isn't her usual self on the sidelines this year and that is affecting her team somewhat.

Thanks to all who read and contributed this week. Hopefully there will be even more people contribute next week! And to who view my mailbag, just remember if you have sports questions, I have answers!


3 Responses

  1. Help with O-Line, DB’s and even younger depth for the Steelers defensively.

  2. As far as the draft goes, I think that Griffin lll is a better choice than Luck. When in the NFL, he will be the best running QB in the league. He’s a better passer than runner, so… What’s not to love?

  3. My question for next week: Who is the best team in College Basketball? Kentucky? Syracuse? Other?

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