The Everyday Mailbag-11/30/10

Q: Is Bud Adams really interested in winning,sometimes I wonder. We develop players then don't resign them when their contract is up?

James R., Nashville, TN

A: Bud Adams is interested in what all owners are interested in: making money. Every owner wants to create the illusion that they are doing everything to win. Some owners may be doing everything to win, but not Bud Adams. He routinely never spends to get the players needed. He just spends to keep butts in the seats at the stadium. Its all about making money. And in regards to signing players back, he never has and never will unless that get signed back at a cheap rate.

Q: Is it pressure or bad attitude making black NLF stars act a donkey? VY, Moss and Ochocinco have all caught headlines for their bad behavior do they need a time out like a two year old, or should we keep it moving and ignore the bad?

Iyshia H., Nashville, TN

A: Like all NFL players, these guys are risk-reward players and I don't think its the attitudes. I think that they have been allowed to think their way of acting is correct for so long that they are set in their ways of thinking. As long as the reward outweighs the risk, these players will still continue to be employed.

Q: Is it time for Jeff to leave the Titans? I think so.

Moreen S., Nashville, TN

A: No. He develops talent. Exactly the coach Bud needs because Bud doesn't like to pay players. If he leaves, the franchise will take a nosedive for a few years.

Q: Do you support this TCU addition to the Big East? How do you think they will match up against teams like Syracuse, UCONN, Louisville, etc?

Kareem H., Nashville, TN

A: I support the move. In 2012, they go into a conference where they can enter and easily compete in football for a BCS berth every year. Now in regards to sports like basketball, they will get annihilated in the Big East. The other good thing is that they will now be introduced to another part of the football world and they now will get paid every year in the millions just because they are a member of that conference. TCU will also get more big-time recruits as a result of this move.

Q:‎​ Who do you think will win the Oregon vs. Auburn matchup ???

James R., Nashville, TN

A: Provided that this happens, this game will come down to which team makes the most stops. Both of these teams do not play great defense. I would expect a high-scoring game and I will take Auburn for two reasons: 1) Cam Newton has proved to be unstoppable and 2) the SEC competition has prepared Auburn more than the Pac-10 has prepared Oregon.

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