The Night Prince Stole The Stage At The Super Bowl

One performance. One event. One man. One guitar. That was the scene that fans saw when they showed up at the 2007 Super Bowl in Miami, Florida. The game between the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts was the first time that two African-American head coaches were coaching against each other at that level. You had Tony Dungy for the Colts and Lovie Smith for the Bears. And you also had Peyton Manning trying to get his elusive first Super Bowl. All of that had our attention until halftime hit. All of that was supposed to be the focus, but one of the best musical performers of our time, Prince, became the focus at halftime. Check the performance out here.

As you can hear, there was so much that could have went wrong in this performance. Prince performed in the pouring rain, which scared the production team there. He also was performing on a slick stage that he and his dancers could have fell on numerous times. But instead of slipping or messing up during his performance, Prince kept his feet and made it one of the most memorable performances in Super Bowl history.

As we are here today, mourning Prince, as he left this world on Thursday, April 21st, we remember what a gifted performer he was. He shared his gift with us numerous times. He gave us memorable songs time and time again over his many years in the music business. But this performance sticks with many as one of his best of all-time. Prince will be sorely missed. He was one of a kind. He played each and every instrument, including the guitar you see him playing in this video. I never had the pleasure of seeing him perform live. But from all the friends and family I have talked to, his performances were up there as the best live performances they had ever seen.

He was remembered in his passing by NBA arenas and Turner Sports on Thursday night, as they played Prince songs when the teams were going to timeouts. And Sports Center turned the studio purple in his honor. Just like there will never be another Michael Jackson, there will never be another Prince. So long sweet Prince. May we see you standing in that Purple Rain.


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  1. One of my favorite performers by far and the SB performance was one for the ages.

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