New Year’s Resolutions For The Sports World

1. Javale McGee- Focus on the tasks at hand

Javale McGee has become the posterchild for Shaqtin A Fool, showing up weekly on the segment that highlights hilarious plays from NBA players. McGee even went as far as to say that Shaqtin A Fool almost ruined his career. Well, McGee has a chance to control that narrative the rest of the way. He has played solid for the Warriors but has had his moments that make you scratch your head. Just keep your head in the game and stay focused Javale. You do that and you will not appear on Shaqtin A Fool anymore.


2. Cleveland Browns- Stick to the plan (whatever that plan may be)

The Cleveland Browns have not exactly been the most appealing franchise over the past decade or so. In fact, they have not been relevant since they returned to Cleveland as an expansion franchise. But under the new regime, there is supposed to be a plan in place. The thing I would like to challenge the Browns to do this offseason and going into next season is to follow their plan. No one knows what their plan really is. But whatever it is, just stick to it and follow your plan to build the team. If not, we could be looking at a continuing mess that is the Cleveland Browns.


3. Kevin Durant- Follow Through

Kevin Durant is already a superstar in the NBA. But what he cannot call himself at this point in his career is a champion. He went to the Golden State Warriors to be in a better position to win a championship and so far, the Warriors are looking good. In that short span of time since the season started, there is no doubt that Durant has made the Warriors his team. And for the Warriors to go where they want to go and Durant to get that elusive title, Durant has to follow through. If he follows through with his razor-sharp focus and stays determined to make his mission complete, then both he and the Warriors could reach the mountaintop yet again.


4. Chicago Bulls- Consistency

The Chicago Bulls one of those teams that can get up for big games and play down to competition that they should beat. For them to have a better 2017 season, they need to learn how consistently play together. It seems like they are not the same team night to night. Now some of that is contributed to them still learning each other. But other parts of that is that it potentially comes down to the players not being locked and the coach not being able to consistently get the best out of them. We aren’t sure which is which at this point, but something has to change if they are able to get better this season.


5. Golden State Warriors- Work Smarter Not Harder

The Golden State Warriors are obviously one of the best teams in the NBA. But even with that, they have some issues of their own to resolve. One of those issues is they tend to overpass the basketball. And when they do that, they are usually out there blowing layups to pass the ball back out for a three-pointer. Now while that might sound nice for some, that is not exactly the smartest way to play basketball. Take the layupo. No one is at the rim and it is a higher-percentage shot than a three-point shot is. The threes will come during the flow of the game. Let them come to you, don’t force them.


6.  SEC Basketball- Take Basketball more seriously

The SEC has been known for its football play for some time now. But in basketball, they have been known for Kentucky basketball and that is it essentially. For once, take basketball serious. Other conferences take other sports besides football seriously, so why can’t the SEC do so? Time to get in the game SEC.


7. NCAA- Right Your Wrongs

The NCAA has been making money faster than they can count it for years. And while they have been doing that, the student-athletes that have been helping them make that money have not exactly been receiving their cut. NCAA, look yourself in the mirror and give these guys a cut next season. At least a stipend of something.


8. Cleveland Cavaliers- Take defense seriously

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the defending champions. But they are not defending very well this season when it comes to playing defense. The Cavs are not going to win a title playing the inconsistent defense they do. That eventually creates bad habits when you sometimes play defense and other times don’t. Consistency on that end of the court is key in repeating…along with having the best player in the NBA.


9. Fans-Everyone is human

The NBA, NFL and all of sports have seen a ton of criticism of referees over the last few years. And with that being said, every single fan is critical of that one call that supposedly blew the game. Well, maybe those same fans may want to realize that referees are human beings just like they are. And also those same fans may want to realize that one call did not cost them the game, but maybe that missed shot or turnover or that completely boneheaded play earlier in the game could have helped the team blow the game. Whether it was the ref or the player, it was still one play and if you’re going to blame the ref for one play, why not blame the player for screwing up as well. The good teams win despite mistakes by their team and the referees. Maybe some fans need to understand that.


10. George Karl- Keep It Real

George Karl was silent all season until the end of the year. And then, that’s when he hit us all up with excerpts from his new book chronicling his time as a NBA head coach. Well, he said a few things he probably should not have and it got him in some hot water. And when asked about some of this ruining him going into the Hall Of Fame, Karl said he did not coach for that accolade. I call bull on this one. George has not got along with star players for almost all of his career and seems to have thrived when he is the star on the team. So the fact that he thought anyone would by his comment there is funny. Keep it real George. Not Furious. I think plenty see through you at this point.


11. Dallas Cowboys –Take advantage of your opportunity

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the best teams in the NFL this year, like they were a couple years ago. If anyone remembers, a couple years ago they were really close to going to the NFC Championship game and then the next year, they had injuries and just overall could not get back on track. That change of fortunes should let everyone know that next season is not promised. And with this shot to win the title this year, the Cowboys need to take advantage of their opportunity. You never know when the next one will come.


12. San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars- Choose wisely

All three of these teams have some big decisions to make. All three have to decide on a quarterback (Jacksonville to a lesser level money-wise). And along with that, the rest of their teams need to have decisions to be made as well. So with that being said, all three have to choose wisely not only in the draft, but in the people they keep on their team, people they cut and the people they go after in free agency. After all, both are at the bottom of the league right now. The good thing is there is nowhere to go but up. The bad thing is it could take a while, especially if the wrong decisions are made.


13. New Orleans Pelicans- Don’t waste specialness

The New Orleans Pelicans have one of the best players in the NBA in Anthony Davis. But outside of that, can anyone really name who their second-leading scorer is and also who their third-leading scorer is? Yep, there is not much surrounding Davis in New Orleans and they are wasting good efforts daily with him there. Maybe the general manager needs to get on the job down there and build a team around Davis instead of paying guys like Omer Asik millions when they don’t fit the team.


14. Tom Coughlin- Do what you feel

Plenty are talking about Tom Coughlin and what he should or should not do. There have been fans saying he should stay away from interested teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Buffalo Bills. But Tom, do what you want to do. You are grown and if you feel you want to coach, then coach. Essentially, you have to do what you want to do and even though some may not like it, you only got one life to live.


15. Writers- Keep It Professional, not personal

Plently of writers out there are biased. Let’s just admit that off the top. But there are plenty of writers that don’t want to admit it even though it is all through their writing. Well, sometimes it is viewed as not professional to be that way. And it sometimes does not allow others to respect you more in the writing game. So take yourself out of it and just write. You can do it or should I say do you want to do that?


These are my ten New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 for teams, players and people. What New Year’s Resolutions would you add to this list for someone of some team?



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