When Fandom Goes Too Far

The Vancouver Canucks lost Game 7 in the NHL Finals last night, but there was another scene that was even bigger than Game 7. Plenty of Canuck fans rioted and plenty of people were hurt as the some overzealous fans seemed to collectively loose their minds in Vancouver over the hockey game. There were fires started and there was also a Bruins fan that was injured as well. This is just inexcusable.

I'm a fan of sports, but I know when to hold up on fandom, especially when it comes to people getting hurt. I think that sometimes as fans, we go too far with our passions for a team. What we tend to forget is that we aren't the ones playing and that its just a game. After all, most of us do have to wake up and go to work, school or wherever the next day. I'm not saying that its bad to have a passion for your team, but when your passion spills over to people getting hurt, that's when you've went too far.

In this case, hockey has now earned a black eye because of this incident. Hockey already has the worst commissioner in sports, Gary Bettman, and now they have one of the craziest scenes in sports history to deal with. This riot can't help the image of a sport that's trying to get back to the level of popularity it once was at. My hope is that the main culprits in this riot get punished and that order is restored. But one thing is for sure. This incident has damaged the NHL.

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  1. Mrdcsports

    I agree that this should never go this far, it’s cool to be upset your team loss, but to go as far as starting fires & damaging property to the point where you can hurt someone is inexplicable.

  2. 7Boss1

    Its one thing to be passionate its another thing to be stupid and those Vancouver fans were way out of control very disappointed in their actions unfortunately these things happen way too often

  3. Wait, so this is how serious hockey is to canadians?Dang man, you never see this happening in the USA…

    Inexcusable…Just punch a wall, no need to set a fire..

  4. It happens in the USA almost every year! hello?!?! Detroit, LA, football, basketball
    Can’t say I remember the last World Series team city doing this, guess baseball fans are too bored by the end of the game to get this crazy
    Nor Green Bay, too mellow

    • People may get into fights, but not put cars on fire…

      • Detroit and LA, yessir!! even destroyed a cop car that Shaq paid for..and those cities won!

  5. This is crazy, and shows how fragile our system of order really is.

  6. It’s not how serious hockey is to Canadians. The guys who started this garbage are people who aren’t even fans in the first place and went downtown looking for trouble. It’s your typical mob mentality, chain reaction, where a small percentage of the population starts something and gradually more and more (alcohol intoxicated) people join in. It is embarrassing for the city but at the same time you have to realize that most of the people living in the greater Vancouver area were at home or at a local bar watching the game. 100,000 people out of about 2.1 million people went downtown to watch the game and a small percentage, maybe 10-20% joined in the “fun” while the other 80-90% stood around and watched. It’s sad that they couldn’t control this again considering what had happened in ’94 but in the end you had people just looking for trouble and waiting for the game to finish so they could flip cars and break windows. The real fans weren’t the ones doing garbage like this, some of them may have joined in, but they didn’t start it. My facebook feed is flooded with every person saying how embarrassed they are at the city and the people. Young guys heard about the ’94 riot and wanted to recreate it. They succeeded.

  7. I think this makes some of the people of Vancouver look bad over the game of hockey (NHL). Denver did this after SB. LA does it after NBA titles. It really to bad for the true fans that went to game with families and were trying to get home safely! Like the Dodger fan in LA that almost killed SF fan individuals make alot of people look bad, not only in sports but politics and in race issues as well. To bad, people in to relax and enjoy life!

  8. Lee Love

    The shame is that the decent fans were probably not involved involved in this stupid act…they have screwed up the reputation of a very nice city (I’ve been there) and some of those same idiots will be paying for this with higher taxes and insurance premiums because of their stupidity. People may not visit due to the possibility of running into fools which is gonna bring down tourism dollars. They’ll be paying for one night of dumb for some time. Goes to show that crazy fools are all over the world.

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