The Nashville Knights Introduce themselves to Nashville

Not everyone knew what to expect when the Nashville Knights came to town. The Knights, who are part of the Legends Football League, came to the Music City with not very much known about them. Not many knew what to expect from the women's football league, so with that being said, The Sports Awakening was able to speak with star wide receiver/defensive back Jade Randle about the Knights, their opponent and what fans could expect:

The Nashville Knights came out to a huge amount of applause as they took the field at Munipal Auditorium. And the Knights fed off that momentum as they got out to a 20-0 lead over the Austin Acoustic before Austin was able to catch their breath.


Randle did her thing, mossing Acoustic defensive backs. And the Knights defense was physical, controlling most of the game with their physical play as the Knights were able to win their inaugural game in Nashville in style.


Here are a few highlights from the game:



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  1. Wow, your coverage is awesome! Keep bringing us the news on the Knights! They are going to win the Championship in their first season!

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