Interview With Green Bay C Scott Wells- 2/16/11

The feeling never goes away. The feeling of being a champion. I recently caught up with Scott Wells, starting center for the NFL champion Green Bay Packers for an interview. Here's what he had to say.

patton26: So, how does it feel to be an NFL champion?

Scott Wells: Its a huge dream come true. In the NFL, its the ultimate goal. When you see guys like Dan Marino and Jim Kelly that played so long and never won a Super Bowl, it makes the Super Bowl win all that more special.

patton26: What do you feel has been your biggest strength that has kept you in the NFL?

Wells: I think my work ethic is my biggest strength. I'm very detailed in my work. Guys on the team tend to make fun of me because of how detailed I am.

patton26: So, how is football in Green Bay? Treatment of players by fans?

Wells: Green Bay is very similar to a college town. Everyone there knows who we are. Everyone there is a Packers fan. Green Bay is also a great place for family.

patton26: How do you balance family life with professional football?

Wells: When I'm at work, I'm at work. Once work is over and I'm leaving to go home, I'm a husband and a dad. You have to be able to leave work at work to be able to take care of your responsibilities at home.

patton26: Who is your favorite teammate?

Wells: My closest friend on the team is offensive tackle Chad Clifton. We both live in the same area in the off-season, we both attended the University of Tennessee, we both have spent our whole career in Green Bay and our kids are around the same age.

patton26: How has it been to snap the football to Brett Farve and Aaron Rodgers in your career?

Wells: Its been special. To grow up watching Brett play and then to play with him is special. At the same time, I think Aaron is on his way to being a great player. To have watch and be a part of that has been great.

patton26: For all that are not aware, when was the first time that you played center?

Wells: The first time I played center was my first year of college. I red-shirted my first year at Tennessee and that spring they decided to put me at center. It took some time to adjust, but I ended up starting my red-shirt freshman year at center.

patton26: Do you think your background in wrestling helps you in football?

Wells: Definitely. Wrestling is all about 1-on-1 battles in tight spaces and with the emergence of 3-4 defenses, the lessons in leverage and other things I learned have carried over to blocking nose tackles.

patton26: How has your faith played a part in your career?

Wells: Faith has played a huge part in my career. It keeps everything in perspective and has helped me through the highs and lows of professional football. I don't play this game for the accolades, I play this game to the best of my ability because that's what God expects of me.

patton26: Would you say that the center is the smartest player on the field?

Wells: Well, I'm a little biased there. I would say the center and the QB are the smartest people on the field. On our team, I can say that center and the quarterback are the smartest people on the field football-wise.

After doing this interview, I can say I truly understand more about the man that is Scott Wells. Through interviewing him, I've learned that faith and family are very important to him and they should be to everyone. He is a true example of how to balance work and family. Great guy and great interview.

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  1. Kristy Robinson

    WOW! Great job Mike! Chad Clifton is from here in Martin. Be great if you get a chance to interview him too!

  2. James Rutherford

    Wow great interview he’s a really cool dude, down to earth not what you would expect of a NFL superstar. Nice to know that it’s not all hype about the Green Bay fans, they are true fans. I like his approach toward the game and his family values, he’s a good role model for younger athletes.

    • Very good role model for younger athletes. His thoughts and views can help the everyday man as well.

  3. GREAT JOB!!! love this stuff…but you forgot to ask the MOST important Q!! whose hands are warmer on his backside, #4 or #12?! LOL!


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