The Masters: Is This The Time When Tiger Gets Back On The Winning Trail?

This Thursday one of the biggest events in the country starts. No, it isn't NBA playoff time, its time for The Masters. The Masters doesn't seem to have as much buzz going into this year, but you never know what could happen going into it.

As far as the contenders this year, there are the usual candidates like defending champ Phil Mickelson and Lee Westwood. And there's always the darkhorse candidates that come out of nowhere, but no one is really even giving Tiger Woods a chance. Sure, he has struggled since his well-publicized family issues, but he still is one of the greatest golf players to ever swing a club. But, like everything, there are always factors that the he will have to battle.

Tiger is a very powerful golf player. His power will be a huge asset because of some of the different odds and ends on the Augusta National course. If Woods is able to harness that power and put at least 55-60% on the green, then he will be on his way to being in the hunt. If not, he will struggle mightily.

As many have noted about Tiger, he hasn't been the best putter during his career. He must be able to put touch on his putts. If he doesn't do this, his power will be negated because he will have to use more shots. That could lead to bogeys and possibly double bogeys too.

Tiger's power and putting will be key, but the biggest key for Tiger will be poise. Just like in any sport, some things will happen that he won't like. Its just the nature of any sport that bad things can happen. But its not what happens in those times of adversity, its how you react to the adversity. I'm not saying that Tiger shouldn't be somewhat emotional on the course. After all, he was better when he played with more emotion. But when Tiger uses that emotion, he must channel it toward the course and not get distracted by the shots that he missed.

I think this could be the right stage and the right time for Tiger to break out. After all, on the big stage is where most athletes play their best. If Tiger can put together some consistency and use his power to his advantage, he could go win The Masters and start his climb back to the top of the golf world.

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  1. I’m going to be cheering for Tiger at the Master’s this week but I don’t think he can do it. He looks brutal out on the course and we keep talking about how big time players come up big on the big stage. The problem is that Tiger is coming out flat time after time on the big stage, which is a real cause for concern. Nothing in his game has shown that he can string more even 2 decent consecutive rounds together. Nevertheless, as I said, I will be rooting for him because it’s great for the game of golf if he can start being Tiger again

    • I agree that he has had more downs than ups for a while now, but great things happen in sports when we least expect it.

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