Fantasy Football Tips: Quarterbacks

It's that time in the NFL again. No, I was not talking about live action that will happen in training camps. Fantasy football has pretty much taken every each group of friends, office building and even some bars. And like usual, those that are not used to playing Fantasy Football end up making wild guesses on their picks. The results could end up great for the contestant. That lucky person would be able to live out some of his dreams with the money coming. But just like there are some great stories when it comes to fantasy football, there are definitely some bad ones. Some put money in that they will never see again. Supposed sure things always end up being more trouble than what they worth. Of course, no one can tell you what the real and what the reality is. And of course, that leads to many that have had different level of success at the NFL or whatever arena you are in. For those that either have not started playing Fantasy Football, there are a few basis rules that you can follow with picking a team. Let's start with the quarterback position.

For quarterbacks, they are living the life right now. They cannot be touched and defensive backs have less contact to deter wide receivers. Plenty believe that a Tom Brady, Peyton Manning (now retired) and now Andrew Luck are able to get away with some things that former NFL quarterbacks only thought about doing. But when selecting an NFL quarterback, the big thing is not to get caught up in the name. The name helps you in terms of getting congrats from other fantasy football players. Other than that, picking a name can get you in trouble. For example, there were many that selected Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan last season. He started the season off well, but he also played pretty bad after helping Atlanta off to a quick start. Ryan ended up with 21 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. Not exactly a season that sounds good enough to help you win your fantasy football league. While everyone was drooling over Matt Ryan and other star quarterback, there was one that slipped right up under their collective noises. Even though no one planned for Ryan Fitzpatrick to start last season, end ended up doing so and was responsible for 31 touchdowns and only 15 inteceptions, which are better numbers than Ryan has been doing the last three years of his career.

Picking a quarterback is definitely not an easy task and there has to be some luck involved in getting what you want. But along getting what you need instead of a name, you can also pay attention to what teams your quarterback prospects are on. One thing that is huge is making sure you pay attention to fourth quarter stats of a quarterback. If his team is always falling behind and they are having to fight back, then that is a quarterback that deserves a second look. The more your quarterback can be out there and the more he will face backups that are not used to playing. When that happens, that gives the potential quarterback more chances to throw for over 300 yards total and give the team a couple touchdowns to pad your stats. After a few select players from around the NFL, there are those that cannot really wow you with their late-game stats. And in that case, it is often found that you have to study the interception history of those potential selections in the fourth quarter. Often you can weed out the back selections for your team with the simple system of breaking down numbers.

Fantasy football season is definitely starting to pick up steam. And everyone is looking for that quarterback to lead their team to the title. But of course not all quarterbacks are built to do that. And if you are able to follow the rules when picking them, then maybe you will find one that will help you win the fantasy football pool that you are in.

(photo courtesy of Dale Zanine/USA TODAY Sports

(photo courtesy of Dale Zanine/USA TODAY Sports

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