The New Michael Vick?

Does Denard "Shoelace" Robinson remind u of anyone in particular? A cannon for an arm and blinding speed is reminding some of a particular player who took Virginia Tech to the National Championship on his back.

The Deerfield Beach, Florida native is starting to wake up the echoes of Michael Vick. To give u an idea of how much damage he is doing, he had 383 yards of total offense in his first start against Connecticut. And to top that, he carried the Michigan offense to victory lane with 258 yards rushing and 244 yards passing.

Robinson is exactly what the doctor ordered for a struggling program. His 4.32 speed makes it difficult for opposing defenses to close on him. And his accuracy in the passing game is great. To this point in his career, he is more accurate than Vick was at this point in his career. And the good thing is, he is very coachable and he is willing to lay it on the line for his team.

This guy may be the next chosen one in football, maybe a darkhorse for the Heisman, but only time will tell. But until then, just keep tuning in to see what he does from Saturday to Saturday and how he carries the Maze in Blue back to prominence and saves Rich Rodriguez's job in the process.

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  1. G Best

    I’m already hearing Heisman buzz about this kid. I didn’t watch the game this past weekend, but I’m going to now. I can’t wait to see him go head to head with Terrelle Pryor and Ohio State.

    • And the crazy thing is he is still growing as a quarterback and he accounts for 94% of their offense. You got to check him out!

  2. Kareem Howard

    I love this guy. His type of versatility confuses defenses trying to make a decision on whether to line up close for the blitz, or deep back to cover the receivers. He fits well into Rich Rodriguez’s typical offensive scheme, which led West Virginia to several successful seasons, and molded Pat White into a great offensive threat.To be honest, Other than Terrell Pryor of Ohio State, there isn’t anyone in college that has a clear shot at the Heisman, although it’s too early to determine. If Robinson can continue to put up numbers like this, AND beat Ohio State, there’s no question who that trophy should go to.

    • G Best

      I agree. If they beat Ohio State, the Heisman is his. I would also take a look at Richardson from Alabama. He is going to be special this year.

      • I think Richardson’s year will be next year and not this year. He will have to split carries with Mark Ingram and that will cost him getting the stats needed to sustain his candidacy.

  3. Kareem Howard

    Is it me, or this Mark Ingram/Trent Richardson trio reminds me so much like the Jamal Lewis/Travis Henry bid at UT 10yrs ago?

    • They don’t remind me of those two guys because both of the guys are smaller guys who are build up and Jamal Lewis was a runaway freight train and Travis Henry was just slippery. All that being said, they are the best duo in college football right now.

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