The Dead Period

Do you hear that? Exactly. Its the deafening silence that is the break between basketball and football. At this time of year, baseball and its stars are put on fill display while football is getting ready to gear up. But in all actuality, the popularity of baseball doesn't even compare to the popularity of football.

The dead period, as I like to call it, is an incurable time because of the slowness of baseball. Baseball is a game that's better live and in person in my opinion. Baseball doesn't appeal to the average fan because of the lack of constant action. Now imagine this dead period extended because of the NFL being gone. Now don't get me wrong, I love college football, but I also love watching the NFL as well. Saturdays and Sundays just wouldn't be the same without the perfect match of the NFL and college football.

As the dead period stretches on, the collective hysteria of the fans grows more and more, it will be interesting to see what kind of unrest happens with the fans and what kind of panic sets in for the owners and the players. Only time will tell if a deal gets done. Until then, all I hear is deafening silence.


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  1. Its no doubt starnge, but i even hate to say this but the more time that goes on the more we can understand that when we get older that there is more to life than sports, sad but it is a fact and when these sports lock out, they prove the point more and more, i do miss football, dont misunderstand. but these all these leagues do for us folks with familes and real job when they lockout is show us, we have a real life also.

    nice post!

    • Believe me, I understand that there’s more to life than just sports. But without sports, even more time than before can be devoted to family.

  2. Man, I was looking back at my blog archives from last year to see what the heck I could have written about at this time and there was so much in late June and all of July. Except a lot of it centred around basketball with all the Lebron talk. I hate it cuz this is the only time of the year that I have free time to focus on my blog and these days I’m not really inspired to do much at all. Funny how that works.

  3. 7Boss1

    I love MLB and NCAA but neither can compare to the NFL. At some point the owners need to get off they high horses and get a deal done asap until then I’ll watch the boys of summer do they thing

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