TESM’s Interview With Former Florida Star WR Jacquez Green

In college football, there are always the guys that you remember for all the electric things they did on the football field. Former University of Florida star Jacquez Green was one of those guys that would take your breath away with the spectacular plays he made while at Florida. I recently caught up with Jacquez and here's what we talked about!

MP: Where are you originally from?

JG: I'm originally from Fort Valley,Georgia.

MP: How did you get introduced to the game of football?

JG: I lived in an apartment complex in Georgia where all we did was play sports. Football was one of
them. I grew up watching the Falcons on TV every Sunday.

MP: Who were some receivers that you patterned your game after growing

JG: As far as NFL players, I was a big fan of Jerry Rice. But, I have always been more of a college fan than pros. I loved the multi-threat type
guys like Raghib Ismail, David Palmer, and Kevin Williams.

MP: How was it playing for Steve Spurrier at the University of Florida?

JG: It was fun. He gave me a chance to stretch the field vertically. He also gave me a chance to play in the best conference in America, the SEC.

MP: Do you still keep in contact with the guys you played college football

JG: Yeah, some of us are still great friends to this day. Mostly the
guys who came to the University of Florida in 1994 with me.

MP: What was the biggest difference between NFL and college football that
you noticed?

JG: The camaraderie and pageantry of college football is just
different. Nothing beats College Gameday, fight songs, all the college
cities, and the traditions of college football.

MP: What are you up to these days?

JG: I'm the Offensive Coordinator and Head track coach at Lincoln High (Tallahassee, Florida).

MP: Where all have you coached?

JG: My first stop was at Gibbs High in St. Petersburg, Florida before coming to Lincoln High School.

MP: Being a coach, what's the main thing that you stress to your

JG: The main thing I stress to my players is being a good person,
and being respectful. Talent will come and go but your character is what's

MP: What are some of the main differences that you see in high
school football in Florida as opposed to other places?

JG: Florida is just loaded with talent. From the panhandle to down south, all kids do is play football. They have seen so many people make it from their area or school. So they realize getting a college scholarship is an attainable goal.

MP: What do you think about the proposed 4 team playoff in college

JG: I think a playoff system is way past due. College football is the only sport without a real playoff.

MP: What are your thoughts on the supposed "super-conferences" and all the team movement in college football?

JG: All the movement won't make much of a difference because
the SEC is basically a super-conference already.

MP: What are your thoughts on the NFL and how it is today in wake of the rulings of Roger Goodell on BoutyGate?

JG: To be honest, I just don't like the fact that Goodell has that much power. He can't be the judge and jury in every case.

I want to take time to thank Jacquez for doing this interview with me and also want to thank him for being a shining example for kids in Florida. Great to hear that he's affecting kids' lives in a positive way.

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