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This week has been a huge week of talk around Miami football. And no I'm not talking about the Dolphins. The University of Miami fired head coach Randy Shannon after losing to South Florida in Miami with South Florida's backup QB starting against them. A lot of people may not understand why Shannon was fired, but he just wasn't producing the type of success that the school was looking for.

As soon as Shannon was fired, all the rumors about who would be their next coach started to surface. I've heard rumors saying names like former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen and Georgia coach Mark Richt were headed to South Beach. I've even heard a scenario where Butch Davis returns to Miami and leaves the Tar Heels of North Carolina. All these names are good candidates, but the name that would be the best coach for what this program needs is Jon Gruden.

Gruden has been out of coaching since he was fired in Tampa Bay a few years ago. He is now one of the analysts for Monday Night Football. But, few think he even wants to be an announcer the rest of his life and never coach again. This opportunity would afford Gruden what he wants: control. Gruden would be able to control what all comes in and out of his football program and, as long as he follows NCAA guidelines, he would be able to bring in whoever he wanted to play for the U.

I know a lot of you probably don't see why he would be beneficial to the University of Miami, but I see all the positives he brings. Gruden is a tireless worker. He is known to sleep in his office because he would work long hours making sure his teams are prepared. In college he probably won't have to do that as much as in the pros, but at least you know he will not be outworked by any other coach.

Another bonus that Gruden would bring is NFL experience. College athletes these days want to be able to be prepared for the NFL after they go to college, so who best from them to learn from then a guy who was as successful as he was as an NFL coach. And, no matter what any college player may say, a college coach with NFL creditials gets any kids attention, especially prospective recruits.

And finally, Gruden brings energy and discipline. Gruden's pedigree will capture the attention of QB Jacory Harris as well as the whole team. He will only settle for the best and he will have the energy to keep these guys fired up and motivated.

Only time will tell if this deal actually happens. The only thing I can say is that Gruden would bring some juice and excitement to a program that has enough talent to win the National Title in 2011.

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  1. Steve

    “has enough talent to win the National Title in 2011”

    Okay, you need to remove the green and orange glasses! This team has some talented players, but they are far from having enough talent to win the NC next season and Harris is just awful… If people in charge at Miami have any sense they will go after a proven college head coach or they will find themselves in the same situation in a few years that they are in today.

    • They have enough talent to win it all. Just look at their talent at receiver, defensive back, offensive and defensive lines, linebackers, running backs. The only thing that has plagued them this year is a lack of urgency and the inconsistencies of Jacory Harris. I think that Gruden would bring the passion and structure that they need and more importantly, Gruden is widely know as a QB guru, so that can do nothing but make Harris better. Harris’ issue isn’t his ability, its his decision making. That’s where Gruden could really help him.

      And in regards to the head coaching slot, why not get Gruden? Name me someone else who would be able to coach that team and take it back to greatness in a quick amount of time?

      To be honest, college football is always better when the three Florida schools are good. I’m not a Miami, Florida or Florida State fan, but that’s just true.

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