Good Riddance To The Most Overrated Weekend In College Football

The buildup to college football's opening weekend was incredible. There were classics that were being played in places like Dallas, Green Bay and Orlando and there were some teams that were just trying to get themselves started on the right foot. And like many a college football weekend, there were teams that unexpectedly lost, some that dominated and others that struggled to victory. Along the way, there were some teams that either impressed us all or made all of us wonder were they really good to begin with. But if anyone doesn't notice or not, most of these feelings of if teams are good or not as based off of the preseason rankings. Each year, there is a Top 25 picked out of all the teams that play college football at the Football Championship Series level. And each year we all fall into the trap that these rankings actually mean something to us to start the year. When in all actuality, the college football rankings mostly sell us a fallacy.

The dream of all these teams being able to be ranked before playing a game is quite hilarious. And along with the hilarity of it, there is also the improbability of it all. Projecting the way 18-23 year old kids will react and play is a tough job without having to predict how good they are before playing a game. Heck, it's hard enough knowing how kids that age will react play t0 play in games. So for the rankings to tell us that is something that many should not even listen to. It essentially is just a mark on a board that could go one way or the other. And to take it a step further, the odds of getting these rankings right with everyone in their right places and all fans happy is something that will never happen. There is a better chance of a left-handed person winning the lottery while getting struck by lightning. So when we all get hung up on rankings and get excited, just remember that none of what we see will end up appearing like it currently is when it comes to college football.

Is there a perfect cure to the rankings in college football? No there is not. But there is an idea that has been out there for a while in regards to rankings. No one knows what teams are and what they will become at the beginning of the season. So why not let them play a few games to start the season. By letting them play a few games, we would not have what we have most seasons, which is ranked teams losing and looking unimpressive. Those that vote for the teams in these rankings would also get a better look at teams before ranking them as well. And at that point, the pretenders would be weeded out from the contenders. Sure, the polls bring along excitement for those that get into that sort of thing. But the excitement of the unknown would replace that for those fans and they would adjust.

College football is still one of the most exciting sports out there. But unfortunately, it is one of the sports that can be head-scratching as well. Every year there is some team that gets highly ranked that falls out of the rankings rather quickly. And there is also a team that is not ranked that ends up shooting up the rankings. All that could be avoided if we all got to take a look at these teams for a few games instead of these ridiculous rankings that come out every single year before the season. The guessing game can be fun for some, but the hype that surrounds some of these teams can be a little overboard.

Overhyped Teams

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