More Isn’t Better

In the case of Elliot Porter, more isn't necessarily better. Porter is a lineman that had committed to LSU the summer before his senior year. He then signed his letter-of-intent with LSU in February. Then he went to LSU to move in and get ready to compete for playing time. All of a sudden, he is summoned to Les Miles' office. And then he is hit with some absolutely blind-siding news. Les Miles informs Porter that they do not have a scholarship available for him and he will have to pay his way this upcoming semester until a scholarship frees up in the spring.

This practice is called "grayshirting". The reason that this happens is that college football teams have 25 scholarships available each year. Most colleges over-sign that amount. The reason colleges do this is because they fear that some players may not qualify and have to go to prep school or junior college. But, what happens when all qualify?

In the case of Elliot Porter, he was considered the low man on the totem pole and LSU left the decision in his hands as to whether he would like to "greyshirt" or go to another school. In my opinion, they shouldn't of signed him if they didn't think they would have the scholarships available.

LSU may be the newest case of this "grayshirting" issue, but they are certainly not the first and will not be the last. I think that the schools that do this should be on the hook to pay for these kids to go to school. Either they do that or these schools should get a scholarship lost for every scholarship they over-sign. But, this has to stop. This is a terrible practice and the kids that are trying to go to college to better themselves are getting hurt in the process.

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  1. Jonathan Reynolds

    Thanks patton26 I learned something new today. Just another reason I hate how college football is ran. These players bust their buts to try to get somewhere with their God given talents and they are shafted by the practices of schools, ie graduating on time or this “greyshirting”.

  2. R Harding

    I totally agree that if a school recruits you and you sign your letter of intent it’s not your fault as the athlete that all 25 scholarships are being filled. If an athlete knew this before hand then he wouldve even committed to that school. Everybody knows that school isn’t cheap and if a scholarship is your way of paying for college and then told once your there that you have to pay your way. That’s playing with people mind and emotions and not a safe practice but all in all if they recruit too many for the available scholarships then the recruiters and athletic dept should pick up the bill

    • Bobby B

      I truly agree with what R Harding just said but he problem is that the school can’t pay that debt, it would be just like giving another scholarship and the NCAA would come down hard on the school and, as we’ve seen many times in the past recently with Reggie Bush and USC incidents, the penalties will not even affect the player that created the problem, their fault or not.

      If I am not mistaken and the player does decide to not greyshirt and go to another school they are not penalized and have to sit a year of eligibility. They just pack their bags and go to whoever will have them. I’m sure only the small schools would have that kind of availability, if at this point in the year any team has scholarships available, but you gotta feel bad for these kids. They get all this hot air, promises and so on thrown at them and the coach can’t deliver, why would you want to stay there in the first place?

      • You are correct with the statement about the “greyshirt” not having to sit out if they decide to go to another university.

        But, the thing that I was saying is that the issue is with the university and the program practicing this and not the player. True, the player isn’t punished, but the player shouldn’t be punished because they didn’t do anything wrong and the player didn’t create the problem.

        Finally, I think that the NCAA should make it a law that if u over-sign recruits, you should be responsible for the monies that the “greyshirts” would have to pay. That would eliminate this awful practice.

  3. Kareem Howard

    I think players who are greyshirted should be awarded the opportunity to transfer to any Division I school that they choose without having to sit out a whole season. It’s not fair to those who were promised an opportunity to receive a scholarship and a free education and having to taking a back seat to the next average player.

    • They already can transfer to another Division I school with no penalty instead of “grayshirting”. The problem lies in that it is so late to transfer to schools and the player has to hope that school of his choice has an extra scholarship.

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