Something Is Fishy With Texas A&M’s Quarterback Situation

(photo courtesy of Thomas B. Shea/USA Today Sports)

(photo courtesy of Thomas B. Shea/USA Today Sports)

Just a few years ago, the Texas A&M Aggies were flying high. They had quarterback Johnny Manziel coming in and ripping through the SEC as they were in their first year in the conference. And with head coach Kevin Sumlin in his first year at the helm, it seemed like the Aggies were going to be a consistent force in the battle for SEC West supremacy. But after the two years of Johnny, it seems like the Aggies have not been able to find their stride. The Aggies have failed to win more than nine games the last two seasons and their play has been inconsistent at best. Sumlin’s team has slid more and more since the first year he has been there and there has been. This year they have a chance to win nine games like they did in his first season, but it has not been a very impressive season. They have looked downright awful defensively at times. And offensively, the consistency wore off as the season went on. Most of that had to do with the quarterback position. Over the last two seasons, the Aggies have used four quarterbacks. And as of right now, only one of those quarterbacks is on the team.

Last year’s starter, Kenny Hill, was excellent to start the year and then floundered before losing his starting spot to five-star freshman quarterback Kyle Allen. The youngster had some rough moments, but he was able to weather the storm and show promise heading into this season. But in this season, it seemed he could not win over his coach enough. Allen was reportedly injured when he was replaced by freshman quarterback Kyler Murray. The jitterbug quarterback reminded many of Johnny Manziel in the way he moved around the field. But he eventually was replaced by Allen when the injury had healed and Allen finished the season as the quarterback. But in the last week or so, both Murray and Allen gave Aggie fans some news they did not want to hear. First, Allen announced he was transferring to another school. Many speculated that it was because of the competition there at the school with Kyler Murray. But then Kyler Murray just announced his intentions to transfer from the school as well. Both Murray and Allen leaving Texas A&M leaves many Aggies fans perplexed as to what is going on. Now they are left with only one scholarship quarterback on the roster for December 30th against the Louisville Cardinals in the Music City Bowl. Junior-college quarterback Jake Hubenak, a junior-college transfer from Blinn College, played just a little this season and now will be the starter. Some may have not flinched when one talented quarterback transferred out. But when two transfer out within a week’s time, then there is something more going on there.

The rumblings around Aggieland are that Allen and Murray have lost trust in Kevin Sumlin as a head coach. It is being reported that not only Murray but his family had lost trust in Sumlin because of a mention of playing time to him. Allen reportedly had some sort of trust issue with Sumlin as well. And even though Allen decided to leave, Murray concluded that the trust he had in his head coach was not something that could be regained that quick. We don’t know all the details, but it can be concluded that Sumlin has been talking and these kids soaked it up. And when the things did not happen as planned, they both decided to bolt the scene, leaving the Aggies with just Hubenak. As far as Hill, he bombed in Aggieland after his hot start to the season and was eventually benched. And after his two-game suspension from the team, he decided to leave. No details have been mentioned in regards to his other reasons for leaving. If you have lost count, that’s three quarterbacks that have transferred out in a year’s time. Some could say it may be the players in this one, but there has to be some responsibility on the coaches involved. We don’t know what all is going on there, but there is something fishy when talents like these are just up and transferring out of your school. And with the Aggies not as successful as they were in 2011, there can be one thing that can be concluded.

Sumlin’s offense has not been the same since Johnny Manziel left the Aggies for the NFL. And it seems like his patience is shorter with the quarterbacks thereafter because he is trying to get the same production that he got out of Manziel. What he may want to realize is that there is not another Johnny Manziel walking through that door. It is time to move on. The defense will come along under John Chavis, but it has been bad since he has been there. With the offense not there to bail them out, Sumlin looks like he is fading fast and that once shining star he once had as a rising coach is starting to lose its glimmer. The seat is getting a little warm in College Station. And the scrutiny just got a little tougher with the transfers of these two talented quarterback. You have to wonder what talented quarterback will want to go there based off the recent history with quarterbacks there.

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  1. What’s said to be fishy ? The actual decline of the Aggies or the very fact Manziel’s tenure simply proved that for a brief moment the program had the shine of fake diamond ?

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