Icy Blue

Well, I guess when it rains, it pours at North Carolina. Just when you were thinking there was only one incident, a few more pop up. First it was Agent Gate with Mario Austin. Now, we are finding out that former Tar Heel and 2008 first round draft pick Ketwaun Palmer paid for Austin and Cam Thomas to attend some summer training in California.
And the story gets even deeper than this. The agent for Palmer is good friends with a member of the coaching staff for North Carolina. The agent and the coach are such good friends that the coach is on the agent's board for his agency. Can you smell the nasty stench here? I even heard he does the workouts for his athletes as well.
This, to me, seems like its time for the athletic director to step in and make some decisions. If he doesn't, then things could spiral out of control for this up-and-coming football team.

If I were the director, I would fire that coach and take a hard look at what Butch Davis is doing. The reason I include Butch Davis in this is because he more than likely knew of what this coach did and he should of handled it. This program, like so many others, needs to have an internal examination of what is really going on within the walls of that program.
After all, the two things you want to happen to your school are the NCAA to call and for them to stay that they are going to stay a while.

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  1. Bobby B

    I gotta agree with ya there Mikie. There is little to nothing going on in a locker room that the coach doesn’t at least know about. It would not surprise me if he had a more active hand in this then is believed

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