Decisions, Decisions

USC Matt Barkley was a surefire first round pick. In fact, he was considered by some the best quarterback that could enter the draft, ahead of Andrew Luck. Barkley had a million-dollar future but he decided to come back and be the Trojan quarterback for one more year. To some this may seem like a crazy decision, but for Barkley, it makes sense.

The All-American quarterback will be returning to a team that will be loaded offensively, led by stud wide receiver Robert Woods. The defense will be a year older and a year stronger and they will also be led by another All-American returning for his senior season, safety TJ McDonald. If you take a look at this team with all that they have returning, it looks like the Trojans will be back in the championship hunt despite the scholarships that they have lost during their punishment from the NCAA.

The championship is just part of the reason that Barkley returned. As a boy, Barkley always wanted to go to USC. He always wanted to be the quarterback at USC. Barkley wants to stay and live out his boyhood dream. So, for those that criticize his decision, look at all the unique talents that leave school too early, aren't ready for the NFL and never accomplish anything outside of their own personal statistics in college. They tend to flame out at the pro level and not have the education to be able to find another career path. Barkley made the decision that school and his boyhood dream of being a part of a championship team at USC meant more than the millions he could personally earn in the NFL next year. I applaud Barkley for coming back to school. Sure, he's risking injury coming back, but no one will question his decision should he win a BCS National Title and the Heisman Trophy next year.

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  1. JW

    There’s another factor in play here. While it is true Barkley was likely a first-round pick, it is also true that this class might be bit crowded. There’s no guarantee that his stock doesn’t slip between now and draft day as there are at least six QBs who could be in the running by the time we get to a draft. Considering there is a big difference in top 10 vs. bottom of the first round money, Barkley might be taking his chances with a thinner QB class next year.

    • Correct. Another good point. It ought to be interesting how USC looks next year with all the talent they have coming back.

  2. And he will be getting his degree! I think this is the most important angle of them all!

    • A degree is definitely huge.

    • JW

      Question: How important is a degree to a guy who is going to make multiple millions of dollars?

      • Football can be taken away. A degree cannot.

  3. Barkley definitely made the right decision

    He came to USC to do two things 1. get his degree and 2. Win a national championship looks like Mr. Barkley have some unfinished business

    • He’s got some unfinished business, but it will be interesting to see how this USC team will handle the hype under Lane Kiffin.

      • I think they’ll handle it well. With Barkley, Woods, and a good defense, they can make the national championship.

        • They can, but I think that it isn’t certain because of the unpredictability of college football. But they are a top contender though.

  4. very nice!

  5. and 4 freshmen AA’s

  6. James Rutherford

    I personally think that Matt Barkley stock has dropped is the reason he has decided to stay in school another year, I have never been a Barkley fan but I think Griffin, Luck, Weeden & Landry Jones would be drafted ahead of him.

    • I don’t think his stock has dropped. If anything, Landry Jones’s stock dropped the most of anyone this year and Weeden has a knock on him that’s no fault of his own: his age. He’s 28 I believe. Barkley would be a top ten QB this year, but I think the decision was more than just the draft for him.

      • James Rutherford

        Weeden has the size at 6-4 & 218pds that’s what NFL scouts like and I don’t think is age will be a factor considering in a few more years you won’t be able to tackle the quarterback with all the new rules. I just think that Landry Jones also has all the tools for the NFL.

        • Weeden has size, but unfortunately, the truth is his age will be a factor. Also, with Landry Jones he wasn’t nearly as effective once Broyles went down and in clutch moments, he didn’t show up and Barkley did. That’s what makes Barkley better along with a better skill set.

  7. Kareem Howard

    I’m a USU fan and I look forward onto watching this team next season. He will surely win the Heisman.

    • Just like Andrew Luck was a shoe-in to win it right? Only reason I say this is because nothing is guaranteed.

  8. DallahSmith

    Barkley grew better grew into a great QB be also til needs work and bigtime games to win but I believe this was better year for him to leave but he knows more than I know my god direct his path and keep em healthy wit a great senior year lost in money these days glade you stayed show kids its more than just that especially ncaa basketball freshman

  9. Barkley. Is. An. Idiot. You go school to learn how to get a job. If you learn how to get one that guarantees you will make 24 mil, you gotta get it immediately.

    I hope he tears both of his knees up.

  10. People just think fame and money are the only thing that’s matters in life, that’s what they don’t understand about Tebow Nd that’s why his teammates love him, he is real, a real friend that cares about the team. Barkley is living to play for the USC team!

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