College Sports Will Soar While Pro Sports Sour

As long as I've been alive, I never thought I would see a time when pro football and basketball would both be in a lockout situation at the same time. Well, look what just happened? The NBA and NFL players and the owners can't get on the same page. But is this the end of the sports world as we know it? I hardly think so.

These lockout situations will now put the focus more on collegiate sports, mainly college football. Collegiate football games are arguably the most popular sports events to watch among most sports lovers. So, with the lockout, the value and the visibility of college football will now be even bigger. If the lockout continues, expect ESPN to move some college football games to Sunday nights and there could possibly be some on Monday nights as well. Life would carry on as usual for the everyday sports fan because of the passion and play of these collegiate athletes giving their all on the field.

On the other hand, things are looking worse and worse in pro football and basketball. The owners want more money, the players don't want to give that up and we, the fans are caught in the middle. In my opinion, the NFL and the NBA will lose a lot of people if they miss games. For the NFL, they can survive, but for the NBA, they would be hit the worst. The last NBA strike affected their product and their viewing numbers a lot and with this strike, they could stem the momentum of one of the best post-seasons in recent history and alienate fans again.

The next few months should be interesting. College football is about to kick into gear. Usually they would be competing with the NFL, but they would now be dominating the television, further diminishing the thoughts of the lockout in fans minds. Can the NFL take that? Can the NBA take that? Only time will tell if they have to and if they can.

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  1. Nice read, I never thought about that, and yes I too LOVE college football. I just also glad im a baseball fan, LETS GO METS, lol sorry.
    but really the NFL and NBA and not looking good right now.

  2. Nice piece, never thought about it that way, altho I never watch college football I really should start soon 🙂

    Hey guys should I buy Madden 12 if there’s not gonna be a season?

  3. get NCAA12! the gameplay is better anyways…NCAA11 is a better game than Madden cuz the programmers spend too much memory and processor speed to get better graphics and individual faces in the NFL and sacrifice smooth play

    • iight sounds good I bought NCAA Football 09 and I loved it, hopefully 12 will be good

  4. I agree, and find college sports to have more heart and be more competitive anyway!!! Goooo IRISH!

    • I like college football, but I just can’t get into watching the Irish. But that’s another blog for another day.

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